Office Suite Productivity Software Tutorial

Learn how to use Office Suite software like Word Proccessors, Prestentation software, text editors, and e-mail clients, so you can be more productive at work or home.

Google Docs: Powerpoint 2003 tutorial presentation
Learn how to add a image, text, make lists and make slides for Power Point 2003 Presentation software by Microsoft by viewing it on my google docs presentation.

MS Word and other word processor tip for overtype and insert mode.
Learn how to turn on or off insert and overtype mode in MS word, Open Office, and other programs.

Saving Asian Characters in Notepad
Learn how to Save Asian and Foreign Characters in Notepad by saving files in Unicode.

Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail client tutorial
Learn how to send and receive mail with Mozilla thunderbird e-mail client by using your e-mall server's pop3, imap, snd smpt settings.

Outlook 2007 setup E-mail client setup tutorial
Learn how to setup outlook 2007 to send and receive mail by using IMAP, pop3, and stmp setings for your mail server.

Windows Live mail e-mail send and receive mail setup tutorial
Learn how to setup Windows Live Mail to send and receive mail by setting up your e-mails acounts pop3, imap, smpt, and hotmail settings in Windows Live mail.

List of Keyboard shortcut keys for Windows
Type faster by learning some of Windows Keyboard Short Cut keys for Windows.