Updating Windows Computer.

It is important to update Windows Operating System since Microsoft Windows Updates will keep your computer secure, performing well, and more stable since Updates made by Microsoft fixes bugs in Windows and Microsoft Software like MS Office, Internet Exploere, etc which can make Windows less safe, unstable, or hard to use.

Updating a computer with Windows installed on it is very easy since Windows usually automatically update Windows while you are using it. But, you can still manually check and install Windows updates by typing in Windows update in the start menu in Windows 7 and Vista. There is a link in the left side bar to check for updates which you click to check for updates.

If you use Windows XP or older, I recommend that you buy a new computer with Windows 7 on it, or upgrade to Windows 7 if your current computer is fast enough to run it. Windows 7 is more secure, and stable then Windows XP, and Microsoft might not be supporting it in the future, so no new bug fixes and security updates may be available in the near or distant future. This means Windows XP will be more vulnerable to virus infections.

In Windows XP, Windows updates are also automatically checked for like Windows 7 and Vista.

To manually update Windows XP, open up Internet Explorer and type in http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ in the address bar to update Windows XP by following the instructions on the website by clicking the update buttons on the website.

Some updates like service packs, drivers, and other software require you to manually confirm that you want to install them, so it is a good idea to check Windows Update manually to see if there are not any updates which you have not installed.

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