about me

My name is Johnson Yip. I graduated from Vancouver Community College's Information Technology Specialist Certificate program. I am Compia A+ IT Technician Certified as of October 2009. I enjoy working with computer hardware, software, and troubleshooting computer problems.I want to work in the computer industry as a computer technician. My hobbies include computers, video games, television, and anime.

About JohnsonYip.com

JohnsonYip.com is for sharing my computer skills on using and installing software, and hardware for Windows and Linux Opperating Systems. Most of the tutorials I write about are for free software, or inexpensive software.

Also, visit my blog to learn and more new computer skills for Windows and Linux PC users.

JohnsonYip.com is mostly funded by advertising, self-funded with my money, and by donations from visitors.

If you have any more questions, feel free to E-mail me with your questions regarding myself or JohnsonYip.com .