iobit driver booster

Iobit Driver Booster is a free program which is used for scanning your Windows computer for outdated drivers, and using the internet to download and install the latest versions of your computer hardware drivers.

By using the latest drivers for computer hardware, your games, Windows and programs could run faster, and crash less because newer versions of drivers fix performance and stability problems which are found on older versions of hardware driver. Sometimes video card driver makers also optimize their drivers to work better and faster on newer games.

Driver Booster is easy to use. I just need to open the program, and it automatically finds drivers which need to be updated. I can choose to update all the device drivers which need updating, or just update one driver by hitting the update button next to the driver.   It is also possible to set Driver Booster to shutdown or reboot my computer after it is done updating all my drivers. After Driver Booster finish installing the Drivers, I can scan my drivers again to see if there are still any drivers which need to be updated.

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File Puma Update Detector

I have been using Update Detector by File Puma to scan my Windows computer for software like Steam, Glary Utilities, and other popular free software to see if there are updates for it. It is usually best to use the latest version of Windows software since the updated version sometimes fixes software problems which older versions of the software does not fix.

Update Detector and File Puma is owned by the makers of Glary Utilities and other system utility software, so using Update Detector and File Puma is safer than downloading installer files for programs from un-safe websites which may contain virus, malware, and spyware programs which may harm your computer.

Once I installed Update Detector, I just need to double click on the Update Detector shortcut icon on my desktop or startmenu to launch the program. Update detector will launch the program, and scan my computer for outdated software.
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WP Clean up

WP Clean Up is a WordPress Plug-in for WordPress which cleans up unnecessary entries in your database for WordPress easier to do. Cleaning up my database of un-needed entries will free up more space on your database for more important things like posts, comments, categories, and tags. With more free space, your blog also may run slightly faster.

WP Clean Up is easy to use compared to using Phpmyadmin where I have to use SQL commands to delete junk I don’t need anymore.

I recommend you not use WP Clean Up when any users are logged in, or when you are still writing a post because old drafts, revisions,  and modderatted comments may get lost which you need to post new posts on your blogs.

Once I install WP Clean UP, I just need to go to “Dashboard”->”Settings”->”WP Clean Up” in WordPress to access the cleanup tool. [click to continue…]