Virtualization and Virtual PC Software Tutorials

Virtualization Software lets you run virtually any operating system like Windows or Linux within a Window without making any permanent changes to your hard drive partitions or host operating system like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.With Virtualization you can save thousands or more dollars in hardware, and software costs since you can use one computer, one version of Windows or Mac to run multiple versions of Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and other operating systems at the same time in a virtual window environment like any other program on your computer. This also means instead of powering multiple computers to run multiple operating systems at the same time, you can just run multiple virtual machines in a Virtual settings. This also means you do not have to buy seperate monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, and other accessories for multiple computers because you can use one computer to run multiple virtual computers at the same time, and use your accessories installed on your one computer to control multiple computers running in a Virtual setting. Virtualization is not a new up and coming trend. It is already being used extensively now on corporate and on consumer computers because Virtual PC lets you use one computer to do the job of multiple computers which save users a lot of time, money, hassle, and office space.

Virtual Box OS Virtualization tuturial in Windows
This tuturial teaches you how to setup anduse Sun's Virtual box to virtualize a guest operating system on your computer in a Window/program running in the background of your PC.

Windows VMware Player tuturial
A Tutorial for teaching beginners how to open Virtual Appliances (Virtual OS) files in VMware player for Windows to run Ubuntu Linux on your PC host operating system like Windows or Mac.