Windows VMware Player tuturial

VMware Player is a free Virtualization program for everyone to use. It lacks some of the functions of the paid version, but is a good program to introduce people and companies to the advantages Virtualization have to offer.

1. You need to download VMware player from

2. Download a virtual Appliance (Operating System ) from

I will be using the Ubuntu Virtual Appliance( ) because it is easy to use, and has a large user group.

The username is user

The password is user

3. When download is finished, Unzip it to a seperate folder or the desktop.

4. Install VMware Player.

5. Click on the Vmware Icon on your Desktop or Start Menu.


6.Click the Open icon on VMware


3.Browse to the folder you unzip your VMware Appliance to and press Open.


4. Wait for your Virtual Operating to Load


5. Type in your username and Password if needed. (The username and password can usually be found in help files in the Zip folder or the download page of the Virtual Appliance.)


6.You're done. Be sure to update your operating when loged in. To update the Operating System, Find the update button in the OS or go to the creator of the OS site like Ubuntu.