Windows Live Mail e-mail setup to send and receive mail tutorial

Windows Live Mail is a free E-mail client which comes bundled with Windows Live Essentials which is Windows free program suite which also includes Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live movie maker, etc. Windows Live Mail lets you send and receive e-mail by connecting your computer to your e-mail server, provider, or web host by using Windows Live Mail. In this tutorial you will learn how to setup Windows Live Mail to send and receive mail by setting up your e-mails acounts pop3, imap, smpt, and hotmail settings in Windows Live mail to connect your E-mail server/provider to your computer by using Windows Live Mail E-mail setup wizard.

Step 1. Press on the Add e-mail Account link on the left of the left coloum.
Click on Add e-mail account.
Step 2. Enter your E-mail adress, password, Display name, and check the "Manually sonfigure server settings for e-mail account.
Fill in your e-mail address, password, and display name, check the last password.
Step 3. Pick the type of e-mal server you use. POP3, IMAP, HTTP then fill in your incoming server address, port, ssl checkbox, outgoing, server, port, and checkboxs. You may need to contact your isp, or your e-mail provider like gmail to get this info. Press Next when done.
Fill in the Necessary information about your e-mail client.
Step 4. Click Finish.
Click Finish
Hotmail Setup for Windows Live mail Mail is very easy.

Step 1. Click the Sign in button on the upper right corner of Windows live mail.
Click "sign in" button
Step 2. Sign into your Hotmail account.
sign into your hotmail account.