Saving Asian Characters in Notepad 

This Tutorial will teach you how to save asian characters in Windows Notepad by changing the encoding to Unicode instead of ANSI which is used for english and western based languages. If you do not use use Unicode for saving your asian characters, your document will be messed up with a lot of question marks and other symbols, but by using Unicode, Windows will encode your text file to be able to display Asian, English, and non-western characters properly. This tutorial for saving Asian and non-Western characters works for .txt, .html, .php, , and other text files which you can open with Notepad.

Open up notepad.

Paste or type asian characters (日本語, 中国, 한국어, etc) in notepad.

Then press file>save or save as

Then for the encoding drop down menu pick UNICODE

Lastly, click save in the dialog box.

This also works for other types of text files you open in notepad like HTML and PHP.