Mozilla thunderbird e-mail Client setup tutorial

Mozilla is a free open source e-mail client created by Mozilla who also created FireFox Web Browser. An E-mail client lets you check multiple e-mail accounts at once on your home PC. In this tutorial you'll learn how to send and receive mail with Mozilla thunderbird e-mail client by using your e-mall server's pop3, imap, and smpt settings, and your e-mail login and password settings to connect Mozzilla ThunderBird to your E-mail server, or gmail, yahoo mail, or your Internet Service Provider E-mail account.

Go to File, and pick new. Lastly select Account.
File, New, Account

Step 1. After installing Mozilla you will get this box. "Pick E-mail account" then click Next button.

Pick E-mail then press Next button.
Step 2. Pick your e-mail server type, and fill in the "incoming server" and "outgoing server" address then click Next button. You may need to ask your isp or e-mail company for the information.
Fill in the text boxs, and click next.
Step 3. Type in your account name, and press next button.
Type in Account name, Press Next
Step 4. Click Finish
Click Finish
Step 5. Enter Password for E-mail accont, and press OK button.
Enter Password, and click ok button.
Step 6. Go to Tools Menu, Acount Settings
Go to tools and pick account settings
Step 7. Click on Outgoing Servers and pick your e-mail address. Click Edit
Step 8. Edit Server name, Port,Security Authentication if needed
SMTP Server
Step 9. Press Get Mail.