MS Word and other word processor tip for overtype and insert mode.

If text on the right of the cursor is disapearing when you type text. It means you are in Overtype mode In MS Word or other programs.

Insert mode ( text move to the right as new text is entered in)
Press Insert button on keyboard to turn off or turn on over type mode. The OVR indicator is greyed out

0ver type mode (text is deleted as new text is entered to the right. The OVR indicator is black instead of grey.
Press Insert button I am deleting text to the right of the cursor.

Note: The insert key is usually the button on the keyboard that has INSERT printed on the key. This also works with Open Office and most Word proccessors.

The OVR indicator is usually located at the bottum right of the screen. Press insery button on keyboard to turn insert and overtype on or off.