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In under 10 minutes, you can learn how to image, verify, make a restore CD, and restore your computer with Paragon Backup and Recovery 10.1 Free Edition by watching my easy to follow video on hard drive imaging, image verifying, restoration restore CD builder, and restoring your operating system, files, settings, customizations, and programs.

It only takes 10 minutes to learn Paragon Backup and Recovery 10.1 Free Edition by watching my video, but it can take hours or days to clean install your operating system, install programs, and copy all your files back to your hard drive. If you lost your serial key for Windows, your paid programs, and your work files then you will also be losing hundreds to thousands of dollars since Microsoft, Adobe and many software companies are not well known for giving you a new serial key or CD. Plus, your boss will not be impressed if he found out you forgot to back up your work files.

Text version of my tutorial for  Paragon Backup and Recovery 10.1 Free Edition for Windows

How to restore files and drives from a Paragon Backup and Recovery 10 Free Edition Image File
Verify integrity for your image file you made with Paragon Backup and recovery 10 free version
Backing up all your files, programs and Operating System with Paragon Backup and Recovery 10 free version

Download Paragon Backup and Recovery 10.1 @ http://www.paragon-software.com/home/db-express/

Your memories and time are important, so image them on another drive! 

I was too lazy to image my laptop, and Windows got corrupted. I lost everything : ( . Luckily, the laptop had no important work files or anything of value to me. But, I spent almost half a week adjusting my settings for windows & programs, re-downloading and installing my software, looking for serial keys for MS Office, installing the latest software and operating updates, downloading and installing service packs, looking for drivers for my hardware, reseting my wi-fi password because I need my wireless networking password to go online, but I forgot the password, adjusting my power settings, copying my files like music and documents back to my laptop, restarting and shutting down my computer multiple times to finish updating my laptop, running disk clean up like CCleaner, Bleachbit, Windows Disk Clean up, doing virus and spyware scans to see if I downloaded any infected freeware, scandisk,and finally, defraging my hard drive. The most frustrating part was I had to restore a laptop since my laptop is kind of slow, the keyboard and mouse pad are difficult to use, and the screen is small. 

I could saved at least 3 days if I wasn’t lazy and image my hard drive onto an external source like DVD-R, Flash drive, external hard drive, network store location, or online backup.

From now on, I will try my best not to be lazy and reimage my hard drive at least once a year since every year MS releases so many service packs, and updates. Plus, I am constantly updating and adding programs, files, and tweaks onto my hard drive.

I hope you learned from my laziness, and image your drive.

You should still run Windows Backup Wizard since an image file won’t backup your future changes to your hard drive. Plus, you will be safe if you backup your image files and your future changes to your drives like new files, and modifications to a file on another drive which is hidden from robbers.

If a robber stole your laptop, but you image your laptop. You can just re-image your laptop hard drive onto your external drives and access your laptop files from the external hard drive.

It is also a good idea to keep a text file of all your Serial keys for your operating system, paid programs, and games . If you have plenty of space on your drive you can even make an ISO (image) of your install CDs for your program and games with ImgBurn.

Making an ISO file from an Operating System CD with ImgBurn

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    You’re welcome. Parragon is worth atry if you have to image many PCs withthe same hardware, OS, and software configuration.

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