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Advanced SystemCare 6.1 PRO is Easy to use and fast all-in-one system utility program for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Advance System Care Pro 6.1

Advance System Care Pro 6.1 is my favorite all-in-one system utility program for maintaining and fixing my Windows 8 desktop. Advance System Care Pro also runs fast on my older computer with a 1.86GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 320 GB hard drive. It also automatically fixes and cleans my computer of junk files when my PC is idle, so my computer does not slow down when I use it. I find Advance System Care the best all-in-one automatic system utility I used on Windows 8 so far which does not slow down Windows since it only uses about 5 MB of RAM, and 0% CPU when idle running in the background. It is also very easy to use with its one click scanner and repair programs for keeping Windows 8 well maintained.

Advance System Care Pro 6.1

Even if I just install it in Windows, and don’t use ASC manually, ASC will still delete temporary internet files, junk files, cleans the registry of junk registry keys, remove viruses, protect my privacy, protect my computer from unsafe websites, fixes shortcut files, and check for updates for Advance System Care to keep my computer feeling fast and new.

Advance System Care also reminds me to do a deep scan and repair my computer to fix problems related to virsus, spyware, and malware infections, disk fragmentation,  disk cleanup , disk errors,  privacy issues, registry problems like junk registry files, and registry fragmentation,  slow computer and internet speeds, shortcut fixes, and Windows Vulnerabilities.

There is also a faster Smart Scan which takes less time to complete in ASC.  Smart Scan fixes Windows problems related to malware, registry errors, privacy issues, junk files, internet problems, and shortcut errors.

Advance System Care Pro is also very safe. I used it since installing Windows 8 in October 2012, and it never caused problems with Windows while cleaning and optimizing Windows 8. In the rare case that Advance System Care causes a problem, you just can launch the rescue center in ASC, and tell it to undo changes which ASC did, or use ASC to launch the System Restore feature built-in to Windows to revert the changes which ASC, or another program did.

Advance System Care Pro also comes with a lot of bundled tools built-in to Advance System Care in the ToolBox section like Program uninstaller, malware cleaner, performance monitor, registry cleaner, registry defrag, disk cleaner, file shredder, internet booster, startup manager, and more to keep Windows well maintained.

There is also a Turbo Mode in Advance System Care Pro 6.1 which turns off un-needed background programs, and services which Windows does not to run to free up RAM, and CPU Resources, so programs and games which you want to run after turning on Turbo mode can use more free RAM and CPU on your computer. Turbo Mode also has its own Power plan, and lets you disable third party programs and services from programs which you installed like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. After you turn on Turbo Mode Advance System Care also defragments your RAM to free up more free RAM to give your computer more free RAM to use.

The Action Center in Advance System Care recommends you other Iobit software like Advance Mobile Care, Smart Defrag, and Iobit Malware fighter, etc.

I like the user interface in Advance System Care. It looks very futuristic, and it is easy to use with a few clicks of a mouse. There are also light and dark themes, and it is possible to change the transparency of the windows to give it a see through effect.

It is also easy to fully close Advance System Care System Tray icon on the taskbar by right clicking it on clicking exit on the right click menu.

Upgrading Advance System Care is easy since ASC tells you when an update is available, and installs the latest version for you from within the Windows desktop, and if you need to install Advance System Care Pro 6.1 Paid version for 19.99 dollars or less. I use Advance System Care Pro 6.1 on Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP and ASC does a good job maintaining and optimizing my computers. There is also a free version of Advance System Care which you can download from iobit.com which you can upgrade to the Pro paid version within the program after you buy a license key without the need to reinstall ASC all over again.

Advance System Care Pro 6.1 is one of the lightest, easiest, and feature rich computer maintenance software which you can use to automatically, and manually maintain your home computer.

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