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Wise Disk Cleaner 7.75 Free Best free all-in-one disk cleanup and Defrag program for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Wise Disk Cleaner 7.75
Wise Disk Cleaner 7.75

Wise Disk Cleaner is a free disk cleanup, and disk defrag program which works on Windows 8, 7, Vista, and other Windows operating systems.

Doing disk cleanups in Windows is good for freeing up storage space on your hard drives, or solid state drives which are a lot  faster, but usually have less available free space than a hard drive which is similarly priced. By doing disk cleanups, and disk defrags, you free up free space by removing  junk files like temporary internet files while making your hard drive performance better by defragging it.

I have been using Wise Disk Cleanup on Windows 8 for a few months, and it works great at cleaning up temporary internet files, junk files, cookies, cache files, my internet history, and other files which take up space on Windows 8, but I don’t need for Windows to run, or to look at. Wise Disk Cleaner is fully compatible in Windows 8, and will run in the desktop mode in Windows 8. It is also one of the fastest and easiest to use disk cleanup and defrag programs I used in Windows.

It also has an Advance Cleaner for Advance users for removing log files, tmp files, and other file types which advance users want to delete to free up more space on their hard drives.

Wise Disk Cleaner also has a Windows Slimmer to delete sample pictures, sample music, sample videos, help files, download installation files, installer baseline cache and so on which Windows don’t need to run, so you can free up more free hard drive storage space on your computer.

Wise Disk Cleaner also let you schedule disk cleanups on a when idle, during login, daily, weekly, or monthly basis at certain times to automatically cleanup your computer’s junk files.

There is also a setting in Wise Cleanup to make a 1-click shortcut button on the desktop in Windows to automatically clean up Windows hard drive of junk files with a click of the shortcut.

In the settings, you can also tell Wise Cleanup to exclude certain folders, files, file types, and cookies  to not delete them during disk cleanup.

There is a restore function to do a quick system restore which Wise disk cleaner created, or Windows created when installing or uninstalling a program from Windows.

Lastly, Wise Disk Cleanup has a disk defrag program built-in to the program on the last tab. The disk defrag also has an optimization feature to optimize the placement of files for faster drive performance , and can be set up to shutdown Windows after disk defrag. There is also regular disk defrag which is faster than Optimization.

Note: SSD/Solid State Drives, USB flash drives, and other memory cards do not need to be defragged, and doing disk defrags on them will shorten their lifespan.

The advantage of having a disk defrag built-in to Wise Disk Cleaner is you don’t need to update both your disk defrag and disk cleanup programs when updates are available, and you can open one program to do all your computer disk maintenance needs.

I like that Wise Disk Cleanup is updated regularly with bug fixes, and improvements, and installing Wise Disk Cleanup is easy to do by just opening the installer file, and following the step by step instructions. The installer file is also only 2.5MB in size.

Wise Disk Cleanup is the best free all-in-one disk cleanup, advance cleaner, system slimmer, and disk defrag program to automatically and manually maintain your hard drive performance and free space.

Download Wise Disk Cleaner at http://www.wisecleaner.com/wisediskcleanerfree.html

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