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Keepass Free Password Protected Password Manager for Windows

Keepass main programKeepass is an easy to use password manager for Windows. The best part of Keepass is it is also password protected or key file protected, so anyone who want to steal your password file needs your master password or key file before they can access all your your passwords and user names.

Your password database file which is used to store your passwords, user names, and website addresses are encrypted with the strongest encryption currently in used which are (AES and Twofish). For extra protection, you can also use a key file to unlock your passwords and usernames.

Keepass is very easy to use, it has a lot of buttons and wizards to help you store and secure your passwords and user names.

Using Keepass to store your password is a lot more safe then using the autofill feature for Web browsers since anyone who can log-in to your Windows account can log into your autofills unless your web browser password protects your user names and password like Orca and Avant Browser.

Keepass also is a very fast and lightweight program which will not slow down windows as you used it.

It is also possible to make more then one .kbd password database file, so you can organize and backup your password databases easily.

Keepass enter password to open

Before you can access your passwords and username with Keepass, you need to enter a password or use a key file to unlock your database.

add new entry to keepass

Adding an entry is simple all you do is right click the right pane, and choose add entry to add a new user name and password entry to your database.

New Keepass password entry

Fill out the require information like title, username, password, link, notes, and pick a date for when you want to change your e-mail. You can also attach files to your entry like key files. There is a meter to tell you how secure your password is. It is best to make a password with at least 2 of each type of character type which are UPPER case, lower case numbers like 123, and Symbols like !@#$. A secure password will look something like C@_+$Ar34SFH.

password generator

Keepass also has a password generator for making very secure passwords without the hassle of manually typing them out.

copy username password url

When you want to access your user names, passwords, and links, you can just right click the entry you want to access to copy your username, password, link, etc for filling out a login form.

add group keepass

The default groups are fine for most people for managing your passwords, but if you need more groups, all you have to do is right click the left pane and click add group.

Keepass free open source password manager is a great everyday password manager for managing your passwords. If you also want to secure your passwords even more, I recommend you learn how to Make a Password protected virtual drive with TrueCrypt free encryption software to store your Keepass file for an extra layer of protection.

Keepass is great for using for hard to remember user names and passwords, but Avant browser and Orca browser, or other browsers which can password protect your autofills is more convenient. There are also plug-ins available for Firefox, and Internet Explorer which let you password protect your autofills like Roboforms.

It is also best to memorize your passwords and user names since it is the most secure method of storing passwords since no one can read your mind.

Download Keepass at keepass.info

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