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Comodo Secure DNS Review- Making the internet safer with DNS

Comodo Secure DNSComodo DNS is a DNS service which lets you make you online experience more secure and faster. Comodo DNS is similar to Clear Cloud DNS, or Norton DNS which all three claims to block security threats from reaching your home computer by using a real-time block list (RBL) of harmful websites and blocking harmful websites from infecting your computer or devices on your home network.

Comodo will block known phishing sites, malware sites, spyware sites, excessive advertising sites, etc which can harm you and your computer. If you try to access a unsafe site, Comodo will display a warning message instead of the harmful website on your browsers Window.

Comodo DNS works for Windows, Linux, mac, your home router. Almost every device which access the internet uses DNS to resolve domain names to I.P. of websites.

I been using Comodo DNS for a few days and it works as good as other third party DNS services I used like Google DNS, Open DNS, Clear Cloud DNS, and Norton DNS. I can visit all my regular websites which I visit on a daily basis like Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc while knowing Comodo will keep me safe from harmful websites. I never experience a Comodo DNS outage when I used Comodo, or false positive of Comodo blocking a known good website like YouTube.

I made a video on how to change your DNS address for your network adapter and router to Google DNS address. It is exactly the same for Comodo DNS. However, you use Comodo DNS’s I.P. address instead of Google’s DNS’s IP address.

Comodo DNS address is and

Learn more about Comodo DNS at comodo.com/secure-dns

Comodo DNS is a great extra layer of security for your home computer and devices which access the internet via your router or built-in network card, but you still need an antivirus, firewall, and antispyware to keep your computer and yourself secure from online and offline scams, viruses, malware, and more.

I recommend Comodo Internet Security Complete 2011 which can protect your computer against Viruses, Trojans, Adware, Spyware and other Malware threats.

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  • Johnson Yip November 27, 2010, 6:31 pm

    Comodo also makes a great Antivirus program!

  • futuristic03 December 6, 2010, 10:00 pm

    this is a very informative blog especially for those people who have high interests in computers and its software and hardware. Nice job for the author.

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