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Most Commented WordPress 3.0 Blog plug-in review

Most commented WordPress Plug-in

Ever wanted to make it easy for your visitors to find out which blog posts are most commented on your WordPress 3.0 blog. Well, I found a nice Widget Plug-in for WordPress for easily displaying your most commented posts in WordPress Blog software.

Having a most commented blog post plug-in for your sidebar can lead to more comments and views for your blog. Readers might be curious on why a post have so many comments, or want to join in on the conversation by adding a comment. Plus, readers love to read posts with lots of comments since comments can sometimes contain very useful information on the topics in a posts. Some readers might be more comfortable commenting on posts with many comments since it is less intimidating like how some people find chatting in a group more social then chatting with one person.

It is also possible for search engines to easily index your most commented posts since there is a link to your most commented posts on every post in your sidebar.

Having a most commented blog post Plug-in can also decrease your bounce rate since readers can click on a link in your most commented plug-in on your sidebar instead of going to another website, or hitting the back button to go back to the search results page.

I have been using using the WordPress “Most Commented” Plug-in for a few days, and I found it to be great. The text, links, and comment counts on the sidebar plug-in are displayed in an easy to read format.

Most Commented Widget

It is also possible to change the title of the Most Commented Plug-in, if it displays post, pages or both, how many post to display, and the time intervals.

It is also very easy to put the plug-in in the WordPress Sidebar since you can use the Widget editor in the appearance section which means you do not risk breaking your sidebar.php code by manually editing your code.

This Plug-in also works for older version of WordPress.

Learn more about Most Commented Widget and download it at wordpress.org/extend/plugins/most-commented/

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