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VoidTools Search Everything – Fast, Simple and Sleek File + Folder Search Program for Microsoft Windows

Voidtools search everything engine

Voidtools’ Search Everything Free Search Engine is a fast Windows File and Folder search engine alternative for finding your document, music, work, and other files on your hard drives installed in a Windows computer. It indexes your computer drives in realtime and return a file list of results for searches instantly as you type instead of seconds to minutes like Windows sometimes take to do a file search. 

Search Everything uses under 18MBs of RAM and not a lot of CPU cycles according to Windows Task Manager.

The search results are instant, as I type something in. Search Everything returns a list of files which match the word I am searching for unlike how I have to wait a few seconds or minutes in Windows Search.

The User interface is also very simple. All I have to do is type in my search word in Search Everything and it returns back results.

Search Everything also supports *.* for all files, Word*. for files with the phrase word in the front, and *.tmp for finding files with a .tmp extension.

Search Everything also has a HTTP server, FTPserver/ETP server, and connect to ETP server in the tools menu for sharing files with other computers.

I have been using Search Everything by Voidtools, and it has made my file and folder searches less time consuming, and frustrating compared to Windows Search. I also like that Search Everything installer file is 334KB in size.  The portable version is only 272 KB in size,

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