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How to install TrueCrypt portable on a USB flash drive or external drive video

For more PC security videos visit http://www.youtube.com/johnsonyip1 In this video, I teach you how to install TrueCrypt on a USB thumb drive to make a Password Encrypted Thumb drive for Windows instead of paying a expensive price tag for a USB drive which has password protection at a computer store. I will also teach you how to make a password protected file container for TrueCrypt. Installing TrueCrypt portable onto an external drive or flash drive and making a password protected container takes a few minutes.

You can use a Key File to make it even harder for a hacker to hack open your drive. Learn how to here:  Make a Key File for TrueCrypt volume for better File Encryption video

Ultra secure passwords

Make a password which has at least 2 of each UPPER, lower, numbers123, Punctuation marks like@!$%^ and 20 characters or more. A good password would be “ZApp37*$1234567890987654321%$^” if you have trouble remembering the password. You can use http://keepass.info free password and username manager program.

It is best to store your Key files and Keepass database files on another password protected TrueCrypt drive or PC.

Download TrueCrypt at http://TrueCrypt.org

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