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Encrypt an Entire Hard drive, USB drive or Partition in TrueCrypt video

For more PC security videos: http://youtube.com/johnsonyip1/ . TrueCrypt has the option of Password Encrypting an Entire Hard drive, USB flash drive or anyother external hard drive. This option is very useful because You can’t accidently lose your TrueCrypt file container, or delete it unless you run a format of the drive.

The good thing about Using TrueCrypt to encrypt your drive is it looks like a non-supported drive or empty drive in Windows Explorer or My Computer. There is no big clues that it is a encrypted drive since when you click on it. Windows just tell you to format it, or it is a non-supported File System. The average PC user will just think your flash drive is corrupt or formatted for Linux and Mac or someother PC.

You should first back up all your files to your computer or another storage device before you begin.

I recommend picking FAT as the file system type since FAT is a non-indexing file type which means it won’t wear out your flash drive from the constant reads and writes.

If you are encrypting a hard drive, I recommend NTFS since it can store files bigger then 4GB on the drive which FAT could not.

To make your TrueCrypt partition more secure:

You can use a Key File to make it even harder for a hacker to hack open your drive. Learn how to here: Make a Key File for TrueCrypt volume for better File Encryption video

Ultra secure passwords

Make a password which has at least 2 of each UPPER, lower, numbers123, Punctuation marks like@!$%^ and 20 characters or more. A good password would beZApp37*$1234567890987654321%$^ if you have trouble remembering the password. You can use http://keepass.info free password and username manager program.

It is best to store your Key files and Keepass database files on another password protected TrueCrypt drive or PC.

Download TrueCrypt at http://TrueCrypt.org

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