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Make a Key File for TrueCrypt volume for better File Encryption video

More PC Security videos at http://youtube.com/johnsonyip1 TrueCrypt has a feature which allows you to make key files for protecting your TrueCrypt File containers, partitions, and hidden partitions from hackers. A hacker would need both your password and Key file in order to hack open your drive to see your sensitive information.

In this video, I will teach you how to make a Key file in Truecrypt and mount a Truecrypt encrypted volume with a key file in TrueCrypt to protect your personal info.

What is good about key files?

They are not vulnerable to dictionary attacks like passwords unless the hacker copied all your files and use each file as a key file which can take a long time. It is best to store your key file on a Truecrypt password encrypted drive away from your Truecrypt volume like on a TrueCrypt encrypted USB flash Drive or another PC since without the Key file. The drive hacker will have a more difficult time hacking your drive.

A key file is like a digital version of Biometrics like finger prints, retina scans, and facial recognition without the right file the Truecrypt file can not be opened easily.

TrueCrypt can be downloaded for free at http://TrueCrypt.org

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