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BruteProtect protects WordPress Websites and Blogs from Hackers and Bots

BruteProtect is a free simple to use plug-in for WordPress which you just need to install from the WordPress Plug-in section on WordPress admin page on your blog. After setting up Bruteforce, you don’t need to make any changes to your blog, and it does not make any noticeable changes to your blog, so it does not bother you when you are blogging, or reading your blog on the front page. Brute Protect plug-in blocks login attempts from bots which try to guest your password on the WordPress login page/WP-admin folder.

BruteProtect is part of Automattic which is the same company which works on the WordPress blogging software, so BruteProtect is well supported by many web plug-in developers.

BruteProtect blocks bots, and hackers which try to hack WordPress by blocking their I.P. address, and blocking known IP addresses of bots which tried to hack other WordPress websites with BruteProtect installed on it. BruteProtect websites share attack information with other sites online, so the more WordPress blogs which use the plug-in, the better the protection for all blogs which use BruteProtect’s Plug-in for WordPress.

By blocking unwanted bots, and hackers, your website will run more efficiently because there is less unwanted traffic from hackers and bots which is trying to hack your blog. According to some of the reviews on Brute Protects website, a lot of the people who use this plug-in notice that their blog now uses 600  MBs less RAM, and CPU percentage usage drop to 3% from 80%, and it block hundreds of attacks. By blocking botnets, you may also save bandwidth, so more legitimate readers can login and read your blog at the same time. Plus, if you are using a shared web hosting plan, you will have more free resources like bandwidth, ram, and CPU, so you won’t need to upgrade to a more expensive dedicated or virtual private server hosting which cost more, and is harder to manage for the average website owner.

The Botnet and hackers I.P. Address is also added to BruteProtects list of known botnet  hacker I.P. addressed to automatically protect other blogs with the BruteProtect plug-in installed on it. The more WordPress users who use Brute Protect the better the protection would be for everyone who uses this plug-in.

If you use the My BruteProtect website at https://my.bruteprotect.com/dashboard , it would also tell you what Plug-ins and themes are up to date, or not up to date, so you can update the plug-ins and themes which need updating from within the My BruteProtect Dashboard. You would need a WordPress.com account to use My BruteProtect.

I have been using BruteProtect for a few days, and it blocked hundreds  of failed login attempts on my login page for WordPress. It was also pretty easy to setup after installing BruteProtect. I just needed to use my e-mail address to get an API key to start protecting my blog by pasting the text for the API key into BruteProtects settings.

Learn more about BruteProtect for WordPress at https://bruteprotect.com/ . You can also download a free copy of the plug-in at https://wordpress.org/plugins/bruteprotect/  to install on your WordPress blog to protect it from botnet and hackers.

BruteProtect will soon come with Malware scanning, blacklist warnings, and an update all button for its plug-in

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