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Dolphin Browser Mini, Great Simple Full feature web browser for Google Android

Dolphin Browser Mini is my favorite web browser which I use on Google Android because it is simple to use, and does not use a lot of screen space on my Google Nexus 7 Tablet. It also uses a few MB of storage space, and it is easy to clear its internet temporary files and history which all web browser gets when browsing the web. There is a feature to cache files to the SD card to save space on Google Android’s internal storage.

Dolphin Browser Mini has all the features I want like Tab browsing, speed dial bookmarks on the homepage, regular bookmarks, a on-screen back and forward button, auto fill, and search engine built-into the address bar. I also find that Dolphin Browser loads up faster, and loads websites pretty fast. It also does not slow down when multiple tabs are open, and Dolphin rarely freezes, and crashes when I use it. Dolphin Browser Mini is one of the best web browser for older and slower Google Android devices.

I also like that I can set the volume buttons on a phone, or tablet to use to scroll up or down a web page by pressing the volume up or down button.

Dolphin also supports Flash, Java, HTML5, and Javascript on websites.

It also has private browsing, and data cleaners in the settings menu, or when you exit Dolphin to keep your web browsing history unknown by clearing it in Dolphin. Clearing your web browser history is a good way to maintain your privacy if you share a tablet, phone, PC, and eReader with a web browser with other people.

Being able to easily change the text and image size in Dolphin is also great for smaller screens, or website without a mobile template.Dolphin also makes it easy for me to change the user-agent to iPhone, Internet Explorer, Windows, and Android, so I can trick the website into loading into the iPhone or IE desktop version of a site if there is no Android version of the website.

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