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Iobit Smart Defrag 2.7 Free Automatically Defrags your Windows Hard drives for faster read speeds

Iobit Smart Defrag 2.7
Iobit Smart Defrag 2.7

Iobit has a free disk defrag program called Smart Defrag 2.7. Smart Defrag is an easy to use, fast, and feature rich free hard drive disk defrag program  for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP which speeds up Hard drive performance in Windows after it finish defraging and optimizing a hard drive.

Iobit’s Smart Defrag is easy to use since all you need to do is install it like any other Windows software by double clicking the installer file, and following the installer step by step instructions. After installing Smart Defrag, you just need to open it, and you can set Smart Defrag to automatically defrag your computer when it is idle or not doing much, schedule a disk defrag at a certain time, or check the hard drives you want to defrag, and defrag your hard drive,  defrag and quick optimize, or Defrag and fully optimize.

Smart Defrag also does not slow down my computer to a very noticeable level when automatic disk defrag is On, or I am doing a manual disk defrag. I can do other things like browse the web, type in MS Word, and listen to music without noticing it is running. It is also very easy to turn off automatic disk defrag in the settings for Smart Defrag, or closing Smart Defrag in the Windows Taskbar, or system tray.

You can also add a file or folder to be defrag while Smart Defrag is  defragging your computer drives.

It is also possible to pause, and stop your disk defrag if you need to do a intensive task like video editing, and sound editing which can use your hard drive a lot to save big files.

Defraging a hard drive in Smart Defrag is pretty fast, and usually takes only a few minutes to a hour depending on how big, and fragmented your hard drive is. Smart Defrag also has a Remaining time counter which tells you how much time is remaining until your disk defrag is done. Smart Defrag can also defrag multiple hard drives at once.

There is a checkbox on Smart Defrag which Shutdown your computer after defragmentation has finish when checked, so you are not wasting electricity after Disk Defrag is finish because Smart Defrag will automatically shutdown your PC when Smart Defrag finish your defrag.

In Smart Defrag, there is also a real-time chart to show you how Smart Defrag is defragging your hard drive, and how fast it is doing it.

Iobit’s Smart Defrag also comes with Boot Time Defrag which will defrag your system files, Master File Table, Page File,  and Hibernation file for faster boot up speeds, and system performance.

Smart Defrag also tells you how much free, and total space each hard drive have, what file system your hard drive use, and if Automatic and Boot time defrag is on for your drives.
There is also a reports section to tell you which files have Smart Defrag defrag, and how many fragments each fragmented files have. The Reports also tell you how fragmented your hard drive is.

There is also a white, and black theme for Smart Defrag, and you can change the transparency of the theme to make it more transparent.

I have been using Iobit’s Smart Defrag for many years since Windows Vista, and it always work well, and never crashed on me during a disk defrag. It is also a lot more faster, feature rich, and nicer looking than the standard Windows Disk Defrag which comes bundled with Windows. I am now using Smart Defrag 2.7 on Windows 8 for the last few months, and it works great as a free disk defrag program. My favorite features are automatic disk defrag, boot-time defrag, and Defrag and Fully Optimize. I also like that I can set Smart Defrag to shutdown my computer when it finish defragmentation of my hard drive, so I don’t have to manually shutdown my computer at a latter time.

Download Smart Defrag 2.7 by Iobit at www.iobit.com/iobitsmartdefrag.html

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