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Clean Master App by KS Mobile Cleans junk files, kills tasks, protect your Privacy on Goolgle Android

Clean Master by KS Mobile is a great all-in-one system utility app for easily cleaning cache files, unused files, history,  and other un-needed files with just 1 tap of the clean button in Clean Master on your Google Android smartphone and tablet. By just using Clean Master, you only need one app to delete cache and temporary files, end running tasks, erase your privacy, uninstall third-party apps, and back up apps apk files to SD card.

Clean Master work on non-rooted phones, so you don’t need to root your phone to use Clean Master.

I find using Clean Master pretty easy to use since I just need to click the clean button in Clean Master, and it cleans hundreds of MBs to GBs of space, so I have more space for installing more apps, taking more photos, and my own files. It cleans my history in apps like Google, gMail, YouTube, etc and cache files in a few seconds after I hit the clean button.

Clean Master also shows residual files and folders which take up a lot of space like ad folders, files which you don’t need for Android to run, etc which you can delete in Clean Master to save more space on your Android device.

Clean Master also have an App Uninstaller to free up space by uninstalling rarely used third party apps, App APK  backup tool to back up files to a SD card, and App Task Manager to free up memory by ending task which you do not want running when gaming, or doing other RAM and CPU intensive tasks like watching big  movies on your phone.

You can also use Clean master to help you look for apps which are safe to disable to make your smartphone or tablet run faster, use less ram, and data.

The Main Screen on Clean Master shows you how much free and used space is on your Google Android device,  and the percentage of used space on your phone or tablet storage.

Clean Master also has an Auto-Task Killer, and Schedule Cache cleaner, so you can clean your phone of junk files, and running tasks automatically.

I like the clean, modern, and easy to use user interface in Clean Master since I just need to click on the task I want to perform like Clean History, and hit clean to do a task which only takes a few seconds to finish.

Clean Master also tells me how much space it will save on my device after I hit clean.

It also now has a Game Booster for speeding up games by stopping background tasks from running, and starting up during Gameplay. There is also an Antivirus scanner to prevent you from installing dangerous apps, and uninstalling malware. It also has a Google Chrome link scanner to prevent you from visiting dangerous websites. There is also a privacy cleaner to delete your browsing history in Google Chrome, and other apps to protect your privacy.

I have been using Clean Master on my Asus Nexus 7 , and Clean Master works great at cleaning up cache files, clearing my history in apps which keep track of my searches, and browsing history, ending background tasks, uninstalling apps which I no longer use, and for seeing how much free storage space I have on my tablet.

Clean Master is available in Google Play by searching for Clean Master in Google Play, and it is also available at the Amazon App store at Clean Master

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  • laura December 9, 2013, 10:27 pm

    I downloaded it, finding it just soso, not very useful.

  • Johnson Yip December 10, 2013, 1:40 am

    Thanks for your thoughts on Clean Master.

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