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Paragon Partition Manager 12 Free – Partition and Re-size/Move Partition in Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Paragon Partition Manager 12 Free
Paragon Partition Manager 12 Free

Paragon Partition Manager 12 Free makes it easier for new users to re-size, partition a hard drive into multiple partitions, delete unused partitions,  and do disk maintenance on your Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP partition for free.

Partitioning means to split one drive into two or more virtual drives in Windows, so you can store files separately like your operating system on one partition, and your files in another partition. People also partition a hard drive to install an operating system on each partition instead of buying 2 computers with different operating systems, or buying 2 hard drives to install two operating systems which is more expensive than just buying one drive, and splitting it into two or more hard drive to create a dual-boot computer to dual-boot from Windows 7, 8 or Ubuntu Linux during start-up.

Before you partition your hard drive, you should copy your files to a USB Flash Drive, another drive which you won’t be partitioning, a USB hard drive, or burn your files to DVD-R, or CD-R just in case something goes wrong.

Before Partitioning your hard drive, I recommend you defrag your hard drive, and next, quit all programs like web browsers, media players, and disable your antivirus if you can to make partitioning more faster, and your computer to less likely crash during partitioning.

I used Partition Manager 12 free to re-size a partition to create a new partition at the front of my hard drive to put my swap file in for Windows for better swap performance since the fastest part of a mechanical hard drive is the front of the drive on the left of the drive line graph display in Windows Disk Management or the Advance mode of Partition Manager 12 Free.

There is an express mode in Paragon Partition Manager Free which makes it easy for you to create a new partition, re-size partitions, format partitions, delete partitions, and there is a log saver to save logs to send to the technical support staff at Paragon.

The Express mode in Paragon is easier for beginners to use for partitioning and editing partitions in Windows since it is drag and drop with the mouse, and step by step wizard base. Every step is also well labeled with instructions for users to follow to re-partition a drive.

I mostly use the Advance mode in Partition Manager 12 Free because I used it in the past, and it seems faster since I don’t need to go through as many steps as the Express Mode which walk me through more steps. The Advance mode of Partition Manager let me create a new partition, re-size partitions, format partitions, delete partitions, and use the log saver as well.

Resizing, and making new partitions are is also drag and drop base with a mouse, or you can type in the size of the partition in the textboxes for new partitions.

If you are re-partitioning your hard drive which Windows is installed on, you may need to restart your computer, and wait for Partition Manager Free 12 to finish partitioning. Do not turn, off or touch your computer when it is partitioning since turning off your computer can make your computer lose your files. It can take many hours to partition, make new partitions, and re-size partitions with Paragon depending on how fast your hard drive and computer is.

You can also change drive letters, change the name of the drive, hide partition, mark drive as active or inactive,  test the surface of the drive, view your drive properties, show amount of used and free space each partition have, and do a scan disk in Paragon Partition Manager 12 Free, so Partition Manager 12 could be a program you use to maintain the health and stability of your hard drive, and learn more about your hard drives, and not just for partitioning, and editing partitions on your hard drive.

The Help files in Partition Manager 12 are also easy to understand, so if you do not know what you are doing, you can read the help files found in Partition Manager 12.

Be careful, not to mark a drive as inactive or active since marking your start-up partition as inactive will cause your computer to not start up in Windows or other operating systems like Linux which are installed on your PC.

Paragon Partition Manager 12 Free is a great drive partitioning software for someone who wants to fully control the size, location, and properties of their hard drive partitions on their Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP computer.

I have been using Partition Manager Free by Paragon for a few years, and never experience data lost, or hard drive partitioning problems, and find Partition Manager 12 easier to use than Windows Disk Management and Windows Explorer’s Computer/My Computer for formatting, and learning more about my hard drives.

You can download Paragon Partition Manager 12 Free at paragon-software.com/home/pm-express/download.html

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