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Glary Utilities 2.53 Free Simple to use Fast computer cleanup Speed up program for Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista

Glary Utilities 2.53
Glary Utilities 2.53

Glary Utilities is a one-click system utility software which can clean a Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP computer of junk files, remove spyware,  and history files which Windows does not need to run. Glary Utilities also cleans your registry of invalid keys, and clean up invalid shortcut files. All I need to do is Click the Scan for  Issues button on the 1-Click Maintenance Tab in Glary Utilities.

Glary Utilities also comes with a lot of modules/add-ons which allow you to do tasks like Registry cleanup, Disk Cleanup, Uninstalling software which is installed on your PC,  disabling Startup programs, and password protecting private files, and other tasks.

The modules are also pretty easy to use like the 1-click Maintenance program built-in to Glary Utilities because the modules only require a few clicks of the mouse, and they have instruction labels on them to teach you how to use them.

I like using the Startup Manager, and Right Click Context menu editor in Glary Utility to disable startup programs, and right click menu items when I right click the desktop, Windows Explorer, and the Recycle Bin with my mouse.

Glary Utilities also has a undelete program to recover recently deleted files from Windows, and a secure delete program to make it harder for people to recover your deleted files.

Glart Utilities also has a tracks Eraser to easily erase your online history, and what website you have been on by running the Tracks Eraser module in Glary Utilities.

There is also a Disk Analysis program to show you which files and folders are using the most space,  Duplicate file finder, so you can easily find and delete duplicate files which are using up un-needed space, empty folder finder, and you can use Glary utilities to split large files into multiple pieces to latter rejoin with Glary Utilities.

The Process Manager, and System Information modules are useful for knowing what programs are running in the background of your computer, and what PC hardware is installed on your computer. There is also an Internet Explorer Assistant to change back IE to your preferred settings, and to remove unwanted add-ons, and Toolbars which third-party software installed on IE.

Windows Standard Tools programs make it easy for you to launch common programs which users use to maintain their computer like check disk, disk defrag, system restore, system file checker, and back up, so you do not have to use Windows Search, the control panel, and Startmenu to search for these tools in Windows.

Glary Utilities also has a Restore Center built-in to the Menu section in Glary, so if Glary Utilities accidentally made a change in Windows it shouldn’t, you can restore the changes Glary made, or even use Glary Utilities to make a System Restore point, or un-do changes by launching a System Restore from Glary instead of looking for System Restore in the control panel, Windows Search, or the Startmenu.

I also like that Glary tells me when there is a new version of Glary, or I can easily find updates for Glary by pressing the Check for Updates button in the Status Tab.

Glary Utilities also look very nice with its sapphire blue theme, and there is also a green, and navy blue theme for Glary as well under the Menu>Skins sub-menu.

I have been using Glary Utilities Free since Windows XP, and also used it on 7, Vista, and now 8, and Glary runs great because it is fast and cleans up a lot of junk files which Windows and Third party software makers make. Plus it is free, and simple to use unlike other system utility software.

Download Glary Utilities free at http://www.glarysoft.com/glary-utilities/

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