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Iobit’s StartMenu8 Free Windows 8 StartButton StartMenu Program bring back the classic desktop Startbutton StartMenu back to 8 like 7

StartMenu8 for Windows 8
StartMenu8 for Windows 8

Startmenu8 is a free startmenu and startbutton replacement program for Windows 8 which no longer have a Startmenu and Startbutton from Iobit from the maker of Advance System Care Pro which is a popular system utility program for optimizing, cleaning up, speeding up, and securing Windows Operating Systems like XP,Vista, 7, and 8. Startmenu8 adds the Startmenu and Startbutton back to Windows 8 with the new StartScreen which works better  for Touchscreens then keyboard and mouse.

Installing Startmenu8 is free, and cheaper compared to buying a copy of Windows 7 for 200 or more dollars, or spending hundreds of dollars hiring a  computer technician to install Windows 7 just to have a Startmenu back in Windows. With Startmenu8 installed on Windows 8, it makes Windows 8 work like Windows 7 for free, and you get to experience the increase performance and new features of Windows 8 in a Windows 7 desktop environment.

Most Windows 7 and XP programs work on Windows 8 because it is backward compatible with a lot of older software like Microsoft Office 2007, and if it is not, finding an alternative software, or installing an update to make your older computer programs compatible with 8 is simple to do. In my experience, most of the software like Google Chrome, Firefox 18, Microsoft Office 2007, Foobar2000 Audio Player, GOM Media Player, etc I use on a daily and weekly basis work on Windows 8, and seem to run faster in Windows 8 then Windows 7.

I have been using Iobit’s free StartMenu8 Windows 8 Startmenu and Startbutton replacement software in Windows 8 Pro for a few days. Startmenu 8 works great for a free Startmenu and Startbutton replacement program. It is easy to install, and customize to your needs. All I need to do is download Startmenu8 from Iobit’s website for StartMenu8, and run the StartMenu8 Installer file, and I have the startmenu back in Windows 8 when in the desktop mode.

I can setup Windows to start-up Windows to the classic desktop with the Startbutton, and disable the live corners in Windows 8 instead of the modern touchscreen user interface with the live cornets.

It is also nice that I can change the Startmenu icon on the taskbar, show and hide shortcuts like run, computer, pictures, documents, and video on the right side of the startmenu. It is also possible to give the Startmenu a transparent glazed effect like in Windows 7, or a plain matte background in Windows 8.

There is an All Programs Menu like the startmenu since Windows Vista and 7, and it shows all recently used programs in the top left to bottom left of the startmenu.

There is also a search engine for searching for programs and files located in the startmenu, and on your computer drive when you click the show more results tab.

When you click the Windows Key on your keyboard, Startmenu8 pops up, and you can use your alphabet and number keys to search for programs or files, or arrow and enter key to navigate the Startmenu.

Startmenu8 works like the startmenu on 7 and other version of Windows, and it is also more customizable because it is easy to change the startmenu button to a different image, add your profile avatar image to the top right of the startmenu, change the style of the startmenu, and hide or show shortcut links like run, computer, and pictures on the right of the startmenu.

StartMenu8 also does not slow down my computer when it is running in the background.  Startmenu8 only uses about 2-3MB of RAM and 0% CPU according to Windows 8 Task Manager. It is easy to stop it from starting up when Windows startup if you prefer the Modern touchscreen user interface, but need a startmenu when you need to search for a program, file, or settings to launch when in the desktop mode in Windows 8. It is also easy to exit startmenu 8 by right clicking the Startmenu button in your taskbar on the bottom left, and picking Exit to close it to free up space on your Taskbar. In the right click startmenu menu there are also links to settings, Switch to Metro, Windows Explorer, Check for Updates,  Technical Support, and About.

The Keyboard shortcuts for StartMenu8 are ALT+S for Settings, ALT+X to switch to the Modern Start Screen, ALT+ R to launch the Run Box in Windows 8.

The main advantage of Iobit’s StartMenu8 compared to other free and paid Startmenu programs for Windows 8 is it has a lot of users, and support from a trusted third party software maker for Windows, so it is less likely you can’t find help on how to use Startmenu8, and Startmenu8’s updates and support being discontinued because the developer does not have time to update it.

Download Iobit’s Startmenu8 at http://www.iobit.com/iobitstartmenu8.php

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