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FooBar2000 Audio Music player, lightest Free audio players for Windows 8

Foobar 2000 Windows 8

I have been using Foobar2000 Free audio player for many years, and now I am still using it with Windows 8. I still use Foobar2000 because it is fast, have good sound quality,  easy to use, and stable. Plus, the user interface uses windows deskop space very well. I mainly use Foobar2000 to listen to online radio from links on the radio website, MP3 files, and Audio CDs. The installer file for Foobar is under 4MB in size, so you can download it quickly even if you are using a slower internet connection like Dial-Up.

Foobar is one of the fastest, and most lightweight audio players for Windows which I ever use. Foobar only uses about 6MB of RAM while playing a 50MB MP3 file, foobar and files open quickly when I double click on them in Foobar. If you run a lot of big programs like PhotoShop, Office, etc, Foobar would be a great audio player for you because Foobar uses very little RAM, so it won’t slow down your computer, or big programs are less likely to slow down your music because of buffering problems.

Foobar’s player play audio very well. It rarely buffers, and skips, and the audio being played with Foobar is very clear.

Opening audio files in Foobar is easy. I just use the File menu, and playlist to manage my audio files. All the audio controls, audio playback buttons like Play, stop, and pause are on the Window for Foobar. Adjusting the volume is easy in Foobar by using the volume slider. I like that the playlist editor is attached to the player, so I can easily search, switch, and highlight MP3 files in the playlist viewer/editor.

One of the best features of Foobar2000 is it is very stable, and rarely crashes, and freezes when I use it for hours listening to music, and other audio files.

The new Windows 8 windows style for the desktop mode also looks great with Foobar2000 design.

Download Foobar2000 Audio Player at http://www.foobar2000.org/download

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