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Google Coming out with a new Google Navigation Menu Bar for Google.com

Google new navigation bar gets rid of the top black navigation bar which is used now, and the Google menu shows up when you hover your mouse over the Google Menu.

Google’s new navigation bar looks very sleek and easy to use, and it also has features for Google Plus which is Google’s new social networking site. The new Google navigation bar looks sleeker and cleaner then the old black Google navigation bar which took up a little bit of screen space on the top. The new top navigation bar is great for people who have small screens, and low resolution monitors.

I like how the Google Menu shows up when you move your mouse over the Google menu like the file menu on most desktop programs.

The new Google layout sort of reminds me of layout for operating systems with drop down menus like Ubuntu Linux, Mac, Windows rather then websites which mostly use embeded links on the header, sidebar, and footer.

According to the video the new Google Bar layout will follow you when you are using Google products like Google Maps, Google Docs, GMail, Google Calender, Google Plus, etc, so you can easily search Google’s search engine when you are using other Google services like Docs, Plus, and Gmail.

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  • Jed @ Los Angeles SEO December 1, 2011, 5:19 am

    Yeh, that bar definitely looks a lot sleeker, and you’re right, it reminds me of some operating systems too.

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