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YouTube Topics : search for topics, watch videos on the topic

YouTube has released a Topics search engine at youtube.com/topics  which is a video based encyclopedia where you can search for videos based on a topics like cars, trains, and planes. If you search for Train on YouTube Topics, YouTube will load this page youtube.com/topics?q=train which will show you all the topics related to trains, and a short sentence telling you what the topic is about. The descriptions are from Wikepedia which is an online encyclopedia which the general publics edits, and add content to.

When you click one of the topics like “Road Train” found on a white for your square from the search page for Train, a page with a bunch of videos related to your topic is loaded at youtube.com/topic/9eUdR0XzIak/road-train . The page shows video results for Popular, and recent videos for Road Trains.

There is also a longer text description of your topic on the right side of the page, and more Topics related to your Topic which you are searching for.

Using Topic search to search for videos can bring back better videos since you are less likely to find videos which are un-related to your topic, but has a similar titles from band names, songs, and movies to your topic you are searching for.

Also, anyone can have the chance to have their videos listed on the Topics search results. They just need to make their videos related to a topic, and make sure it has enough views, and related to the topic.

YouTube topics can be used for searching for educational topic videos, and can be a good choice since you know who made the video, or ask the uploader more questions about a video, or the topic which is not always possible when you are on a website, blog, and online encyclopedia where there usually no way to message the writer, video maker, etc if they don’t include an e-mail in their posts, or if they post anonymously to a blog, Wiki, or free website.

Start searching for Topics on YouTube today at youtube.com/topics

YouTube Education is also a good resource for searching for educational videos for people of all ages and learning levels at youtube.com/education


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