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RockMelt, Best Social themed Web Browser for Facebook, Twitter, and more

RockMelt is a new web browser which is using the Chromium Web Browser which is the same web browser which Google Chrome uses. However, RockMelt has more social features then Google Chrome. RockMelt allows you to quickly post, and share public links with your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook with the post editor found in RockMelt.

With RockMelt, you can also easily comment on your friends status updates on Facebook, and Twitter with the Facebook and Twitter App within Rockmelt. There is also Facebook chat built-in to RockMelt to see who is online to chat with you. You also get notifications from Facebook when you got new personal messages, friend requests, and notifications.

I also use the Tumblr, and YouTube App in RockMelt to see what new posts, and videos are online, or to search for older posts and videos.

I also like how RockMelt handles search since when you search from the search box on the top right of RockMelt. The search result open in a separate window which let you quickly visit different websites without hitting the back button on the web browser to go back to the search results. You just need to click on a different link on the search result window, and it would loud on the currently open tab/window on RockMelt.

It is also very easy to hide and show the Apps and Friends sidebars on the left and right of the browser by just clicking on the Bell Icon on the top right of the web browser.

Google Chrome Extensions and Themes which you can download, and use at chrome.google.com/webstore can also be used in RockMelt because RockMelt and Google Chrome both use the same Web browser technology which is Chromium.

RockMelt, and Google Chrome performance when I use RockMelt to browse the web, play flash games on Facebook, post on Twitter, Tumblr, e-mail, and do other tasks.

RockMelt is a great web browser for internet users who loves sharing content with their followers, friends, and readers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. It can also speed up the process of sharing your own content on your website since you do not have to go to Facebook.com, Twitter.com, etc to post content on your profiles, or post comments on other web master’s content which they shared on Facebook. You can also use RockMelt to stay up to date on news about your website’s category, so you have new content to post on your website by using RockMelt’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube App to subscribe to members who inform their followers on what’s going on in a certain category like electronics, food, entertainment, or more.

RockMelt is no longer invitation only, so anyone with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or iPhone users can use RockMelt to improve their online social life, or just promoting your website on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks with a few clicks of a mouse and typing in a message.

You can download RockMelt for Windows, Mac, and iPhone at Rockmelt.com

According to rockmelt.com/about.html , RockMelt and Facebook are partners , and RockMelt Manage to raise 30 million dollars from Venture Capitalists Investors. This is pretty amazing for a company which is only been getting media coverage from TechCrunch.com and other big websites starting November 7, 2010 according to RockMelt’s About page.

Hopefully RockMelt will release an Android, Linux, and UNIX version of RockMelt in the near future.

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