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YouTube Movies – Great Section on YouTube for Free Movies + decently priced online video on demand rentals

I been using YouTube Movies for watching FULL anime, action films, and other types of movies for free on YouTube. The quality of the videos are usually in 480P which is decent for online movies for free. YouTube movies section is a great section on YouTube  to watch movies, or spend a few hours watching older movies.

I like that I do not have to log in to YouTube to watch the free movies uploaded to YouTube.

I like watching Final Fantasy 7: Advent children on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/movie/final-fantasy-vii-advent-children which is the first film I watch on YouTube movies section, and got me hooked on watching films on YouTube.

But, you do have to login to rent paid movies like the Dark Knight, Sucker Punch, etc on YouTube. You also need to use a credit card to pay to watch a movie. It usually cost 3.99-4.99 to rent a movie for 2 days. I like that it is not subscription based since you do not have to pay 10 dollars every month just to watch movies which is not a really good deal if you rarely watch movies online, or just want to watch one or two movies online per month. Plus, you can watch videos on any operating system which has a web browser which has the Adobe Flash player installed on it. This means you can watch full movies on YouTube with Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX based operating systems. You can also use an Google Android, Google TV,  Blackberry Playbook, Windows Tablet and other brand of Tablet to playback movies on your tablet PC with a web browser, and Adobe flash player.

The YouTube Movies section is also very well organized with nice cover art, and sections for the movies, so it is easy to find free or paid rental movies to watch online in a web browser.

Sometimes, I notice that videos buffer, and pause when watching videos on YouTube, but I think it is my ISP failing to keep up with the YouTube stream, but overall the buffer problem is not very bad, and I can watch a movie with few interruption except for the occassional in-video ad which is not really that big of a deal since the movie is free, and the ads are just 30 seconds long which I like better then video uploaded movies/TV shows which is uploaded in multiple parts like part 1, part 2, etc where you need to browse their video playlist, or uploads section on their channel to find out they did not upload it yet. Plus, the quality of YouTube movies are better then most video which the average YouTuber uploaded of a TV show or movie.

YouTube movies section could be a good competitor to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, etc since it provides free movies to the public, and has a lot of great premium movies which cost only a few dollars to rent. But, it would be nice if YouTube has a subscription, and download option for movie fans which watch hundreds of movies a month, or watch the same movie on a daily or weekly basis.

I spend more time watching movies, videos, TV shows, and tutorial videos on YouTube compared to video on TV, and other websites.

Check out the YouTube Movie section at youtube.com/movies to watch free and decently priced rental movies streamed from YouTube to your computer.

You can also access the Movies section by clicking on the Movies link on the top of YouTube’s website next to the browse link.

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  • Paul Salmon November 4, 2011, 8:31 am

    With all the press that NetFlix is getting recently, it seems that YouTube Movies has slowly been working behind the scenes. While I still think the cost of the movie is still high, with the increase in NetFlix subscriptions, the rental cost on YouTube can look like the better option in the future.

    I’ll have to checkout YouTube Movies. Thanks for the info.

  • Johnson Yip November 5, 2011, 12:30 am

    I agree the cost of movies can be pretty high online, and Netflix not allowing unlimited DVD rentals anymore makes it less worth it. I think YouTube rentals would be a good deal if they have a movie pass option like watch as many movies you want for 10 dollars for 60 days. I heard coming next year YouTube would be spending 100 million dollars on 100 new channels which include sitcoms, and regular TV-like shows which are scheduled base pre-live streaming. I think YouTube Movies is great for people who just want to watch a few paid movies, and a lot of free movies.

    Thanks for the comment, Paul!

  • TechLogon November 5, 2011, 3:34 pm

    Thanks for link, decent selection of free movies, will be watching one tonight! The price per paid movie is ok for occasional use (not tied into a full membership is good) but they need to offer a monthly plan to make it worthwhile.

    In the UK, Lovefilm (owned by Amazon) is the major player – rentals by post and streaming to computer or networked Blurays/TVs. £10 a month gets you about 8 bluray rentals AND unlimited streaming – because YouTube is streaming only they’re going to have to be incredibly competitive on price to succeed.

  • Johnson Yip November 5, 2011, 5:52 pm

    In Canada, we pretty much only have Video on Demand from Digital Cable Providers, Netflix Canada which has a smaller selection then Netflix USA, and iTunes. Sadly, Canada does not have Amazon streaming from Amazon.com because of copyright agreements.

    I agree YouTube needs to make a monthly plan which is competitive with other stream to pay services to make it worthwhile.

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