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Changing the Most Viewed video Location + language in YouTube for viewing what’s popular in other countries in another Language

Have you ever wanted to know what is popular in another country on YouTube, or wanted to change YouTube back to English when you are traveling in another country like Japan where English is not the default language for YouTube.com?

In the last few months, I notice YouTube now changes your location to your country if you live in a Country which has a YouTube section for your country like Canada, Japan, France, Taiwan, South Korea, or more. This can be rather annoying if you just want to see which videos are the most viewed, liked, discussed, and top favorite videos “Worldwide” instead of in Canada, or your own country, and look at the stats and see someone with 100s of views getting on the top viewed section if few people in your country watch YouTube, or a certain section of YouTube like “Science and Technology”.

I did not find out how to change YouTube back to “Worldwide” for the location until I was bored, and decided to look at the bottom of the page on YouTube.com where there is a small label called “Location” where you can click the link which was “Canada” for me. Once, I click the link it showed all the countries in a drop down menu which is a YouTube Country, and Worldwide which shows videos which are trending from all the countries which YouTube records stars for in the world.  Changing your location to Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan, etc would be useful to people who like watching Asian videos, or other nationalities of videos. Plus, to see different points of views from all over the world, or a specific country on a subject by changing the Location on YouTube.

The Location, and Language setting is not found on the bottom of Channel pages like YouTube.com/johnsonyip1 . It is only found on YouTube.com, and the most viewed, and search results section of Youtube.com .

Unfortunately, once you clear your internet history with programs like CCleaner, or the built-in history cleaner for your web browser, you need to scroll all the way to the bottom of any YouTube.com page, and click on the link which will list your country, so a drop down mernu to reset your preferred country, or set YouTube to Worldwide.

If you want to change the language of YouTube.com  you Click the link labeled “English” or any other language beside the language link which is also found at the very bottom of the YouTube.com. This might be useful if you are in another country since some websites tend to change the language to a countries native language like Japanese for Japan.

I kind of wish YouTube made the Location, and Language links in a more easy to find place like in the top, or sidebar area of YouTube.com, or at least made the font size bigger, or bold at the bottom.

My best guest is YouTube wanting to support local YouTube video makers, and viewers in a certain country even though it might make the YouTube experience less enjoyable for a small percentage of people who enjoy seeing Whatthebuck, Shane Dawson, iJustine, Ray William Johnson, and other popular worldwide YouTubers on the front page rather then what videos are trending in their own country.

But, I did learn about a few new YouTubers when I did not figure out how to change the location settings back to world wide instead of the default Canada for my country.

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