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Dell Parts People YouTube + Facebook page – learn how to fix your Dell Laptop

Dell laptop

Do you need to fix a Dell branded Laptop which you own, or fix a friends or family members Dell laptop? Dell Parts People YouTube has over 200 videos related to Dell laptop repair which will teach you how to fix Dell XPS, Lattitude, and Studio model of Dell laptops.

I watch a few of Dell Parts People videos on replacing the mouse button on a Dell laptop, replacing a LCD monitor on a laptop on their YouTube channel at youtube.com/user/dellpartspeople , and the videos were very well produced and informative. The narrators voice for Dell Parts people videos on Dell Parts People YouTube video is very clear, and the instructions for replacing parts on Dell laptops is very easy to understand.  I like how the instructor in the video shows the viewer every step, and the names and sizes of all the screws, and parts of a laptop in the video. He also points out all the locations of the laptop screws and other parts like Bluetooth cards. The pace of the video is also very nice since he slowly shows the viewers of his videos on how to replace parts in the video, so it is easy to follow a long. The instructor also teaches the viewer how to reassemble a laptop after a part has been installed successfully. The video quality of the tutorial videos for laptop repair is also very clear, and in HD quality. I also like the background music for the videos.

Dell Parts People Facebook is where you can ask for help related to your Dell Laptop, interact with Dell Parts People, their fans and customers, and talk about videos posted on Dell Parts People YouTube. You can also learn tips and tricks about laptop repair, views laptop photos, buy refurbished laptops, and laptop accessories. There is also information about Dell Parts People online store where you can buy parts for your Dell laptop from its Facebook fanpage at facebook.com/partspeople , or buy it from their online store at Parts-People.com . There is also more information available on Parts-people.com store on their Facebook fan page. On their Facebook Fan page, there is also a contest you can enter for a chance to win a Dell Lattitude D220 laptop by answering a question. You can also make a topic in their Discussion section, and read reviews on people who used Parts-people services on their Facebook Fanpage.

Part’s People YouTube Channel, and Facebook page is a great resource to learn more about Dell laptop repair, and parts replacement.


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  • TechLogon November 2, 2011, 8:59 pm

    Wow, these really are great videos, thanks for the link! Just followed one from start to finish for a DC jack replacement – next time a customer asks why it costs so much to replace such a cheap part, make them sit and watch it, then they’ll understand 😉

  • Johnson Yip November 3, 2011, 4:27 pm

    I agree these videos are also good at informing costumers that PC repair is not as simple as building stuff with building blocks for many tasks like replacing mouse buttons on a laptop touch pad.

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