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DuckDuckGo.com a cool clean web based search engine for searching online

I been using DuckDuckGo.com  (or you can type in ddg.gg  in your address bar  go to DuckDuckGo) to search for web pages online. I like how fast loading it is because of it’s minimal design. I like the duck face logo since I feel Logos are being replaced by text which can be not as interesting as cartoony animal logos. I also find it nice that Duck Duck Go also shows websites logo/favicon on the left side of all the results which makes it easy to know which website it is listing quickly by looking at the logo.

There also seem to be fewer spammy, or websites with very little text and content in the DuckDuckGo Results section.

Duck Duck Go also claims to not track it’s user while they search which is good for people who like privacy. There are also not a lot or barely any noticeable ads on Duck Duck Go since they are on the far right compared to other search engines like Yahoo which has ads on top of the search results and to the right of search. You can also turn ads off in the settings. However, I find the ads more useful since they are usually Amazon and Ebay Affiliate products which I might be interested in buying from anyways since I buy a lot from Ebay, and Amazon rather then sponsored websites which I will never or highly unlikely to buy from.

What I really enjoy is that it auto-loads the second page, so I no longer have to click page 2, or next page which save me a bit of time or a lot of time.

You can also change the fonts, and look and feel of DuckDuckGo for people who want an even more minimalist design.

There are no auto-suggestions in DuckDuckGo which is great for me since I know what I want to search for, and don’t need anyone or any website to give me suggestions. The Search suggestion on the right side of DDG which shows up after you search DDG is useful since you click the suggestion to add the suggestion to your search.

More Advance users can use tags like !a to search on Amazon or !gi to search on Google images which will redirect DDG to the site you use the tag on, or you can use the drop down menu to manually pick the site you want to search after you typed the keyword in DDG.

DuckDuckGo uses more then From over 30 sources, including DuckDuckBot (our own crawler), crowd-sourced sites (in our own index), Yahoo! BOSS, WolframAlpha, EntireWeb, Bing and Blekko to come up with relevant search results for its users. Hopefully, this means the best content gets promoted to the top of DuckDuckGo, and not someone who is trying to be sneaky to get to the top of the search engines by spamming forums and blogs with links which is very annoying for forum and blog owners to clean up their spam.

DuckDuckGo is one of the cleanest, most user friendly, relevant, fastest, and private search engines with not a lot of ads on the internet.

Check out Duck Duck Go at DuckDuckGo.com  or  ddg.gg to be redirected to Duck Duck Go, or use http://Ddg.gg to post on twitter to share DDG with your Twitter Followers.

Union Square Ventures also is now partially funding DuckDuckGo according to Cnet

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  • clemson November 28, 2011, 2:33 pm

    DuckDuckGo claims:
    “There is no search history, personal profile or any other information about you gathered, stored, sold, used or leaked.”

    By performing any ol’ search at the DuckPoo site and noting the http request headers issued by your browser, you can quickly verify that their search results page, by design, LEAKS (telegraphs) your activity.

    DuckPoo embeds a link to the “favicon” image for each site it lists in the search results ~~ causing your browser to connect with each of the listed sites in order to retrieve the remotely-hosted favicon asset.

    The mechanism is GREAT for DuckPoo — “hi, please send your favicon. Oh, and by the way, i was referred to you by DuckPoo. What? Yah, the person at this IP address is using that search engine to search for \’Herpes\’ and stuff.”

    So, without even clicking through to visit any of the listed sites, you get the “privledge” of telegraphing your herpes outbreak to the raft of sites listed in your search results. Egad!

  • Johnson Yip November 28, 2011, 6:16 pm

    Thanks for the info, You should inform the DuckDuckGo Community at http://duck.co/ of your discovery, so they can fix the bug, and make DuckDuckGo more private in the future.

    You can also tell them about your findings at DDG Chat Room: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=duckduckgo

    You can also send DDG Feedback at http://duckduckgo.com/feedback.html

    You can click on websites from the results on DDG which do not have a Favicon/ Icon on the left of the result unless the icon is a white square.

    For Favicon which are a solid white square, you can change the background colour of the search results/page to a different color like Black at http://duckduckgo.com/settings.html?type=color

    You can use the HTTPS version of Duck Duck Gohttps://duckduckgo.com/

    the encrypted version does protect your search from being leaked onto the computers it travels on between you and us.


    You can also use a public computer, or computer you do not own which you do not have to log into with your real name to search for content online. If you want to be more anonymous, you can make an Anonymous Proxy server or use a public Anonymous Proxy server, and VPN/Virtual Private Network connection to hide your I.P. Address and your online traces, so you are harder to trace.

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