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Soluto can disable buggy browser plug-ins Help fix crashes + make Windows Faster

Soluto will make using your computer less frustrating because of freezes, and slow downs caused by software starting up when Windows start-up, crashing software, and web browser add-ons which are making your web browser sluggish or crash more. It also can be used to change your web browser search engine back to your preferred search engine like Google.

Soluto is a crowdsourced program which uses the power of the Solutu user community to automatically form the PC Genome Knowledgebase which gives suggestions to users on what programs are safe to pause, and how to fix application crashes and slowdowns. Since Soluto is crowdsourced by the Soluto user community, you are a lot less likely to get bad advice about disadling, enabling, and delaying programs, and fixing crashes.

Soluto is a system utilities software which help newbies to more advance users see what programs are starting during start-up, and how to improve a computers performance and reliability when you are using it with Soluto. I like how Soluto design is point and click rather then form based with a ton of wizards, checkboxs, and confusing options like other system startup utility programs I used.   Plus, you don’t risk uninstalling programs and browser add-ons which you need since Soluto does not uninstall any programs or files from your computer. You also don’t risk losing the startup option for your programs because Soluto does not delete Startup registry keys like many other system utility programs. You can pause or delay programs from starting up during Windows Startup. Delay means your startup programs will launch when your computer is done loading your enabled Windows  startup programs has started meaning your computer is idle.  You can still open programs when you pause them by clicking on the programs shortcut icon on your Taskbar, startmenu, or Windows Desktop. Pause just means programs like Skype, Windows Live Messenger, etc won’t automatically launch on your desktop or system tray. If you are not sure if you should Pause, delay or enabled a program, you can check the Soluto crowd source community which is made up of suggestions from other Soluto users.

Soluto also tells you what will happen if you Pause, or delay an applications.

With fewer applications running on startup because you Pause or delayed them in Soluto you would notice a faster start up time and faster performance.

A very useful feature is the Crash detection feature for Soluto. When Soluto detected that an Application in Windows crashed, Soluto gives recommendations based on other users opinion on how to fix the crash. It also shows how many other people experience the same crash as you for a program, or if you are the only one.

Soluto also now lets you easily disable Web browser add-ons like plug-ins, tool bars, and widgets for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. Soluto also gives you suggestions on which add-on are safe to disable, or not. Disabling add-ons on your web browser can make your web browsing experience faster, and you will experience fewer crashes.

You can also use Soluto to change your web browsers Search provider back to Google, Bing, or Yahoo if another software changed it.

Soluto’s user interface for disabling web browser add-ons and switching to a previous search engine like Google is a lot easier then most web browser because the user interface is point and click in Soluto rather then Menu, and settings based like in most web browsers.

I like that it is easy to track Soluto’s progress at how much faster it can make my computer start up, and it is easy to pause, re-enable, and delay programs because the user interface is very easy to understand in Soluto Green means safe while  orange mean caution. It is also great that I can access information on if I should enable, delay, or pause a start up program, web browser add-on, and how to fix crash information from within Soluto without going to a website or forum to look up information. It is also cool that Soluto gives  me info on how much time I save by disabling and delaying programs. The start-up timer is also handy for giving feedback on how much time I saved. Soluto is also a very light weight program which does not use a lot of system resources, so I barely can tell it is running in the background at keeping my computer running fast.

It is also very easy to undo pause and delay, and disabled web browser add-ons if you later figure out you rather your programs startup automatically during Windows boot, or you rather keep your browser add-ons enabled.

Download Soluto at soluto.com

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