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AppSumo Evernote Premium Membership for Life Giveaway

appsumo.com/~3rvv is where you can go to enter for a chance to win Evernote Premium Membership for life which is a 45 dollar value per year. Contest ends on October 30th, 11:59PM CST , so enter as soon as possible, and share your refferal link for more chances to win!

Evernote is a web based programs which you can use for creating notes, checklists, uploading photos, sharing and storing information, and cliping information from documents, websites, and files. Premium users can also upload their existing Word Documents, and Spreadsheets on their home computer to Evernote. You organize Notes in Evernote by making Notebooks to store your notes, audio, and pictures, and by using tags/categories to tag your notes, so you can search for them easily. You can also make Widgets, or shortcuts to your notes for quick launching from your desktop.

Evernote also allows you to access your files, and documents on any computer or smartphone with a web browser and internet connection. You can also use Evernote to record voice and take pictures to add into your notes if you install Evernotes on your Apple iOS or Google Android Smartphone or Tablet. Evernotes work in Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Google Android, ipad, iPhone, Ipod Touch and most other devices with a web browser.

There are also Evernote Extensions/Add-ons to make it easier for you to use Evernote in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Learning how to use Evernote is easy since Evernote uses a Note Creator/Editor which is similar to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other Word Processors, and uploading files to Evernote is easy since it uses a web based upload wizard like many other online apps. If you need to download your files from Evernote to your computer, you can download them as .doc, .pdf, or other file types for opening in MS Word, or Adobe Acrobat.

When you are connected 0nline, you’ll be able to upload, edit, create, and download your notes from anywhere. Evernotes let you take your important notes, documents, and files , so you are no longer stuck forgetting to bring your work with you because you left your USB flash drive at home. You can just login to Evernote, and download your important files.

Evernote is a great online and offline(premium user only) note creation, and editing tool for keeping your offline and online life easier by making notes which are easier to categorize, and search vs having tons of yellow sticky notes ,which can’t store a lot of text, all over your desk, monitor, and office.

The premium version of Evernote gives you 1GB of upload allowance each months or 12GB a year which means you can upload more photos, docs, and files to Evernote. You also get costumer support first instead of waiting longer for help like free Evernote users. You can also use Evernote without an internet connection with the Offline Premium EverNote notebook.

This would be good if you need to edit your notes when you do not have access to an internet connection like when you are camping in the woods. Evernote Premium membership also let’s you share your notes, and give permission to other Evernote users to make changes, or add new information to your notes.

You can view past versions of your notes before it was edited by you, or another note editor. Evernote Premium also lets you make bigger notes up to 50MB in size which means you can add more pictures, text, audio, and file attachments to your notes.

You can also search images with text faster, and search PDF files with text. Evernote also lets you add a Pin/password for your Evernote App for Google Android and Apple iOS devices like tablets, and smart phones.

Best of all, with an Evernote Premium account, you can hide promotional ads for a cleaner site for taking notes.

appsumo.com/~3rvv  is where you can enter for a chance to win 1 of 10 Evernote Contests. You can get more entries by twetting about Appsumo contest, Sharing it on Facebook and Facebook Liking the contest.

Contest ends on October 30th, 11:59PM CST , so enter as soon as possible, and share your refferal link for more chances to win!