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LastPass auto login add-on for Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome Browser

LastPassI have been using LastPass Web browser Free Password manager for saving most of my online accounts for social networking, e-mail, forums, and blog login user name and password for a few months. I Tried LastPass on Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

All of your passwords, user names, and information you saved with LastPass is encrypted on your computer which only YOU can unlock with your user name and password.

You also do not have to be afraid that your computer or web browser break making you lose all your user names and passwords since all your passwords, user names, links, etc you tell LastPass to save online are all stored securely online, and you can access them from any computer, or cell phone web browser which has LastPass installed on it.

All web browsers work great with LastPass. I no longer have to remember a huge list of passwords since LastPass save all my passwords for me, and encrypts my password locally on my computer.

I also set LastPass’s preferences to automatically log me off of LastPass when I close my web browsers, so if someone use my browser or computer they can’t access my passwords without my login e-mail and password which only I know.

Using a master e-mail and password to protect all your passwords, and user names is a lot more secure then the default password auto-login in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and other Web browsers. LastPass Auto-login also might protect you from keyloggers since you are not typing in your password for key loggers to steal.

If someone steals your computer, you can always delete your account by going to the LastPass account deletion page with another computer, so the thief can not hack your LastPass account if you set LastPass to remember your master login e-mail or password since your account was deleted by you already with another computer.

Also, there is almost no learning curve on learning how to use LastPass since once it is installed on your web browser, it will ask you if you want to save your passwords from your existing web browsers to LastPass.

LastPass will also ask you if you want to save new user name, passwords, and login page website addresses for your accounts when you login to an account which you have not saved yet, so whenever you click on your bookmarks,  LastPass will go to the login website you bookmarked, and  LastPass will automatically login to your account.

For example, if you clicked on your Twitter LastPass Bookmark, LastPass will make your Web browser to go to Twitter.com and log you into Twitter automatically.

If you rather not LastPass save your password and user name for a particular website account like your online banking website account, you can click the never button, so LastPass will never ask you to save your password and user name for a particular website.

LastPass works for Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile phones and devices like WebOS, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Symbian.

I have been using LastPass with both Windows and Ubuntu Linux for a few weeks which makes surfing online with different operating systems, web browsers and computers a lot more convenient for me since I can access my saved bookmarks for login pages, usernames, and passwords on all computers by just installing LastPass.

You can also manage, import, export and organized your passwords, usernames, links, autofills, and secure notes from https://lastpass.com/index.php?ac=1 by logging into your LastPass account.

LastPass also has an autofill features which make filling out forms which ask for your name, address, country, and other info.

LastPass also has a secure notes feature which password protect your notes related to software serial keys, banking, etc.

Once LastPass is installed all I need to do is log in with my master e-mail and password for my LastPass account to have access to all my user names, passwords, and account login links which I told LastPass to save for me.

Watch LastPass YouTube video below to learn more about LastPass, and see it in action.

source:: lpuser11

Download LastPass at lastpass.com

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  • Get Ged February 24, 2011, 6:31 am

    Such a helpful blog.Thanks for sharing this great article..

  • Valpo CR April 13, 2012, 4:26 pm

    This plugin is great, it will def make your life a lot easier & safer

  • Robert May 1, 2012, 6:07 pm

    it is a very nice program. They do charge something for their premium service and they should, however, for Blackberry their premium service does not do much.

    You can link the LastPass files to auto login web sites from the Blackberry browser. This is a major limitation because you have to copy and paste user names, and passwords, and the is cumbersome with Blackberry switching between the Browser and the LastPass Vault.

    However, I can find no program that allows auto login on the the Blackberry.

    LastPass to me is the best desktop password program.

    My input!

  • Robert May 1, 2012, 6:08 pm

    You can not link the LastPass files.

  • Johnson Yip May 1, 2012, 7:31 pm

    I agree LastPass is one of the best desktop online based password programs since I can use it in Windows, Apple, Linux, Chrome OS, and other OSes.

    LastPass was one of the reasons which made switching to Ubuntu Linux from Windows, faster since I did not have to re-enter all my passwords into my web browser, or a spreadsheet to add to Firefox and Google Chrome for Linux.

    I think the charge is fair for the mobile service for LastPass since LastPass doesn’t really have a lot of ads for the free version.

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