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Change Ubuntu 10.10 DNS server to Google DNS server address Video

I’ll show you how to change your network card DNS address to Google’s free DNS service in Ubuntu 10.10 Network Connections in this video.

Using Google DNS can make your Internet surfing experience faster, safer, and more reliable compared to using your default ISP’s DNS server.

DNS is like a phone book. It changes a domain name like johnsonyip.com into a I.P. address which is used for your computer to go to a website.

1. Go to System menu on the top tool bar of Ubuntu 10.10, and go to the Preferences menu.

2. Click on Network Connections which is located in the preferences sub menu.

3. Click on eth0 and click on the edit button.

4. Go to the IpV4 tab.

5. Change the method to Automatic (DHCP) address only from the drop down menu.

6. In the DNS server text box type, and click the Apply… button on the bottom.

7. Type in your Ubuntu administrative password, and press the enter key on the keyboard.

Now you are using Google DNS on Ubuntu 10.10!

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  • Ori Peleg January 29, 2011, 8:15 pm

    Thanks, helped me out!

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