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Install Gimp Image Editor With Ubuntu Linux 10.10 Software Center Video

I’ll show you how to install Gimp Image Editor in Ubuntu in this video. Gimp is a free open source graphics editor which can create and edit Jpegs, gifs, pngs, and other image formats. Gimp is a very powerful image editor if you know how to use it. The great thing about using Gimp in Ubuntu is both Gimp and Ubuntu do not use a lot of system resources compared to other image editors which sometimes use a lot of RAM and CPU cycles. Plus, there are a lot of free tutorials available for Gimp if you search the internet.

1. Go to Applications menu on the top left of the top toolbar in Ubuntu, and click on Ubuntu software center shortcut located at the end.

2. Search for Gimp in the search box on the top right of Ubuntu Software Center.

3. Highlight Gimp and click the install button.

4. Type in your administrative password, and click the enter key.

5. Once Gimp to finish installing, you can find it in the Graphics sub menu in the Applications menu.

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