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How to remove unused Tables in PhpMyAdmin for MySQL Database

Sometimes when I uninstall plug-ins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS programs the old database tables still exists. They are sometimes empty, but sometimes they can be filled with MBs of entries I do not need anymore.

In most cases, the only simple way to remove the MySQL database which I do not need anymore is to use PhpMyAdmin to drop them.

By dropping the junk database tables, you save space on your servers hard drive, and make managing your database a lot easier. Plus, you can restore your database a lot faster since there are no junk tables to re-upload full of data which is useless to you. It also helps prevent your database from going over the file upload import limit for Phpmyadmin on some web hosts which limit your file upload size.

You should first back up your entire database in PhpMyadmin before you start dropping database tables since there is no UNDO in PhpMyAdmin. Also, verify that the table is not being used or a table you actually need. If it is an important table the EMPTY button might be safer or just leaving it alone.

1. Log in to your control panel for your Web hosting account.

2. Open Up your database with PhpMyAdmin found in your web hosting control panel.

3. Click the top link which is usually black and has a number with brackets surrounding it with the number of tables.

Click the top link on Phpmyadmin left sidebar

4. Carefully check the tables which you do not need anymore, and make sure not to drop tables you actually need by checking them.

Select tables want to drop and drop with menu

from the drop down menu select the Drop option, and click yes to run the drop MySQL table command for Phpmyadmin.

Now your table should be gone from your MySQL database. You should check if your blog, forum, cms, and website is still working correctly. If it is not restore your database from your back up file of your MySQL database in PhpMyAdmin.

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