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WordPress Sociable All-In-One Social Bookmarking Plug-In

Do you wanted to make it easier for visitors to bookmark your articles on Digg, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Facebook, and other Social Networking sites which has an social bookmarking option.  By people social bookmarking your articles, you make it easier for readers to access your articles which they have bookmark to their Digg, Twitter, or Facebook profile, and you’ll get more referring traffic to your blog articles via Digg, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites with social bookmarking enable.

You’ll also help members on social networks submit your link faster, since they can just click on an image link for Digg or some other social media site, and your article link is submitted to Digg.

Most importantly, you’ll get back links to your articles which can improve your blogs search rankings when people use Search engines to look for a specific category which your article is about. Plus, it increases the chance another blogger will link back to your article from their blog, or website which gives you even more back links, and them a valuable resource for their readers.

I have been using Sociable which is an All-in-One Social Media Bookmarking plug-in for a few months, and it works great at making it easier for readers to Digg, Tweet, Facebook recommend, and bookmark my site on popular Social Media sites.

Sociable has been great, it allows me to add a link for readers to social bookmark my site on many different social networking sites, and I do not have to install a lot of social media plug-ins for my site. 

I recommend you only have relevant social bookmarking websites enable in Sociable. For example, Digg, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook,  StumbleUpon, Yahoo Buzz, and Friend Feed are worth enabling, but some of the less popular ones might not be since very few people use them, and having too many enable can make your footer look messy.

Visit popular websites, forums, and blogs in your niche or specific category, and see what are the main Social bookmarking plug-ins they are using for their website, and you’ll get a good idea on which social bookmarking sites are most relevent to your website. 

 You can also drag and drop them to make the social bookmarks be shown in a specific order you want it to be shown in.

I also recommend changing the tagline(title) for Sociable to some thing catchy depending on your blog topic like “Share and Bookmark, Pass it on, Tell your friends, sharing is caring, etc.”

In Sociable settings for WordPress under the Settings heading, you can tell Sociable where you want its plug-in to appear like Front page of the blog ,Individual blog posts, Individual WordPress “Pages”, Category archives, Tag listings, Date-based archives, Author archives, Search results, RSS feed items.

I recommend just enabling sociable on Individual blog posts, and WordPress Pages since people usually have to finish reading a post or page to see if they want to bookmark it or not, and having sociable enable on your front page can slow down the loading of the front page of your blog since there are other posts, plug-ins, and objects on your post listings. Having a slow front page is not a good impression for new visitors.

In my experience, it is best to have the CSS Sociable style sheet checked in the control panel since it makes sociable bookmarking image links horizontal instead of vertical on most templates.

To disable Sociable on certain posts or pages, you can check the disable Sociable check box on the post editor box for sociable.

Sociable disable checkbox

Learn more about Sociable at : wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sociable/

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  • Liga1 June 15, 2011, 3:46 pm

    This seems to be a very useful Wordpress plugin. Thanks for sharing.

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