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Start HP a1720n Computer from a USB Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Live Flash drive Video

I’ll show you how to start your HP a1720n HP computer from a USB flash drive preloaded with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on the drive. The advantage of starting a computer from a flash drive is it is faster compared to using a CD and it is also a lot more quieter since flash drives make no noise when reading data unlike a CD which spins when it read files on a CD. Plus, it is also looks very cool booting a computer from a USB flash drive. Another advantage of using a Flash drive to start your computer from is accessibility since not every computer can start from a live CD like a netbook or laptop, but chances are good if you own a newer laptop, netbook, or PC, you can start your computer from a USB flash drive or external hard drive.

1.If you are using a different model or brand of computer made by HP or some other company. Make sure your computer can start from a USB drive. Many older PCs can’t.

1a. Make sure to plug in your Live USB Flash Drive preloaded with Ubuntu on it before you turn on your PC.

2. Press the pause key during computer start up to pause your computer from booting into Windows or another Operating System like Ubuntu.

3. Press F10 to enter the BIOS. Don’t mess with any settings except the boot settings since you can seriously mess up your computer.

4.Go to the Boot Manager tab on setup by using the left arrow key on your keyboard.

5. Set your first boot device as hard drive. In the hard drive group make sure your flash drive is number 1. boot device if it is not use the + or – key on your numpad to move down your hard drive and your flash drive should be number one now.

6. Press F10 to save and exit your BIOS.

7. Wait for your computer to start into Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and click the “try Ubuntu 10.04 LTS” button.

8. When you are done using Ubuntu, you can press the shutdown power key on the top right of the desktop.

9. Let Ubuntu shutdown and remove your flash drive.

10. If you remove your drive, and turn on your computer your computer should load into Windows or another operating system installed on your regular internal hard drive.

Congratulations, you booted your computer with a USB flash drive with Ubuntu installed on it.

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