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TrueCrypt is a free disk Encryption application which you can download for free. Watch my video on using TrueCrypyt Linux version on Ubuntu Linux 9.10. I will teach you how to install TrueCrypt Linux from Terminal Command Prompt. Plus, how to use Truecrypt to make a password protected partition on your computer, so people can’t easily view your sensitive information like banking, photos, and other private files. TrueCrypt can save you a lot of money since Password protected flash drives and external hard drives cost more then regular drives. You can just use drives you already own or just buy regular drives to install a Truecrypt file container onto.

Download link : http://www.truecrypt.org/downloads make sure to download the Linux version and download the right bit version. If you are using a 64bit OS you should download the 64bit version. Most of you guys should be fine with the 32bit version of TrueCrypyt. Also, download the Standard version.

Now people can’t easily find your embarrassing photos by just turning on your PC and browsing your PC if you saved your embarrassing photos in a TrueCrypt password encrypted file storage container.

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