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Piriform Defraggler vs Auslogic Disk Defrag vs Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter video

Piriform Defraggler, Auslogic Disk Defrag , and Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter are all free disk defrag programs Windows users can use to defrag their hard drive for faster disk and file access times. Disk Defrags move files to the best location, so files can open faster, and there are fewer empty gaps between files which can slow down your computer’s hard Disk.

Piriform Deffraggler is easy to use, has a nice user interface with a pie chart to see how much space is being used up on your drive by files. You can choose to analyze disk fragmentation, defrag free space, selected files or your entire hard drive in quick defrag or regular defrag mode. Deffraggler also has a disk Scheduler to schedule disk defrags at a certain time. It also has a shutdown when defrag is done option.

Auslogic Disk Defrag is a nice disk defrag software which I use the most since It has a nice user interface and seems fast. It can defrag certain files, optimize and defrag the entire hard drive, or just defrag a hard drive. It has a scheduler for starting disk defrag  at a certain time. It also has a shutdown when disk defrag done option.

Windows 7 Disk Defrag is very basic. It can just schedule disk defrags, analyze disk, and defrag. Analyze for Windows 7 disk defrag seems kind of slower then Auslogics and Deffraggler. It is also missing the charts and pictures to represent how fragmented a drive is. In Windows 7, it defrags your hard drive when your computer is not doing anything which can get annoying.

If you want an Automatic disk defragger, so you can save time by not ever manually defraging your hard drive again, I recommend Diskeeper 2010 Professional since it is a great paid disk defrag software alternative which is worth buying because it is compatible with Windows 7 and it is set it and forget it which means whenever your hard drive is fragmented, Diskeeper 2010 will automatically defrag your hard drive to make reading files faster on your drive.

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