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Youtube Link to Report CyberBully and Harassment from Youtube members + tips on dealing with online bullies.

http://www.youtube.com/safety_help is the link  you would use to report harassing comments on Youtube which call you gay, mentally disabled,a  racist or sexist word, and other forms of hate on Youtube. I report users when they call me gay or mentally disabled since it’s rude and hurtful. Plus, bullies need to be stopped. If bullies are not banned or warned by Youtube, they will continue harassing more people!

Tips for preventing and dealing with Cyberbullies.

  • Don’t post your e-mail address, phone number or cell phone number online or offline for bullies to use to harass you.
  • Don’t share embarrassing/naked pictures, text messages, and secrets which you do not want other people to know.
  • Don’t do embarrassing/shameful actions while on web cam since there is software available which can record you on web cam, or the user can just use a digital camera to record his monitor. He can use the footage to harass you.
  • Be very careful who you trust online since the internet is full of perverts, bullies scammers, violent criminals, and stalkers who have sick desires to hurt other people for their sick thrills.
  • Change your e-mail or cell phone number, so the bully can’t message you anymore fro different phone numbers and e-mail addresses. 
  • Immediately Ignore, block, and report bullies’ hateful messages to the principal, internet/e-mail service provider.
  • Keep their messages and print them out just in case you need to use them to prove the bully is guilty of making rude comments, so you can hand the bullies messages over to the police, or school employee. 
  • If you know the Youtube or other social network bully in real life or think you know him, you should report it to your parents, school principle, the police, or any other authority figure. Bullying is not ok, and should not be happening online or offline.
  • Contact the website owners like Youtube Website Link to Report Cyberbullies and Harassment
  • Stand up to your friends and yourself who are being bullied, and politely, but confidently tell the bully that he is hurting your feelings and you want him to stop.
  • Never become a bully since that just makes you as bad as the bully who is harassing you.
  • If a lot of bullying is going on in your school, work place, or community, consider making an anti-bullying group to watch out for and report bullies to the police or a person with power.

If you are a parent, you should tell your kids that you will stick up for them if someone threatens them online, or anywhere. Plus, you would not take their computer privileges away from them for saying they have a cyber bully problem. Put the computer in a family room, so you know what type of messages are sending and receiving. Play an active part in your child’s online life. Tell your kids that you would punish them if they are bullies.

If you own a social/interactive website like a forum, blog, chatroom, or social network, you need to make it very clear to members, staff, and visitors that any form of bullying or harrassment is not allowed on your website. Bullies would get banned from the website.  This will make your website have a better community and more members would not leave. I been on a forum where the owner curse at me for making a suggestion to improve the website. I quickly stop visiting his website since he offended me. I notice the forums which do well have a friendly and warm community which have very few mean members who put people down.

If you run across a bullying website or Social network group dedicated to bullying someone, report it to the website owners like Facebook, Myspace, etc. If the website is a domain name like example.com, you need to use http://www.whois.net/ to find the e-mail address for the owner, webhosting, and domain registrar. Send them all an e-mail telling them that you want the hateful content taken down.

Also, if you see members posting physical threats like “The bully or bullying victim is going to assault someone with a weapon in real life”, you should quickly report it to the police since you can’t be too careful when someone makes such a statement.

Cyber bullies are not anonymous online. If the police, government investigators, and law enforcement want to find you, they can since everything on the internet can be tracked down with an IP address or just contacting your Internet Service Provider.

The Recording Industry or America (RIAA) and Motion Picture Association of America can find out who has been downloaded pirated songs and movies online which means that it is possible to track people down with the internet with IP address and the help of websites you bullied on, your Internet Service Provider, and computers!

There are also many places in the US, and other countries which have laws against online harrassment. If they do not, there will be laws on online bullying soon, or they can use a old law like stalking to charge internet bullies.

More resources for dealing with online bullies~


Spread the word on how cruel online and offline bullying is!

Bullying should not be part of life for anyone, but sadly it is for most of us.  

Bullies can grow up to be criminals, and bigots by starting out bullying online or on the school yard which can lead to serious criminal charges like sexual harassment, defamation, stalking, physical assault, racial discrimination, verbal assaults and black mail.

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  • posizionamento sito April 7, 2010, 10:25 pm

    Interesting post 🙂

  • chris April 9, 2010, 5:18 pm

    This is fantastic info. Going to share with my teen boys. Thx

  • Johnson Yip April 10, 2010, 2:31 am

    Glad, You like my info on dealing with bullies online. I believe the more educated people about how to deal with cyberbullies, the fewer bullies there will be on the internet!

  • Johnson Yip April 10, 2010, 2:32 am

    Thanks for the compliment!

  • Patrick May 18, 2010, 10:08 pm

    I’m being Harrased by 2 faggots on youtube. I don’t know who they are. I reported Suckingballs Yum Yum because he’s Harrasing me and he’s making up Nasty Lies about us. I’m Straight and he doesn’t know what being Straight is. I had to Block him and now he’s posting comments on my video’s that I have on youtube. He says that him and I are dating and that we’re going to live together. NOT TRUE!! I told him that he’s making it up and I’ve wrote letters to youtube and I haven’t heard from them yet. I found a way to report him online and I already did and they said that they will take action if they need to and belive me they will. He’s been calling my Girlfriend names to and he has No Right! I’m in Love with my Girlfriend and he can’t handle that! He signs it telling me that he loves me w/ xoxo and he says that I’m BI-Sexual and I need Medicane! NO WAY! I’m Straight and he needs Medicane for his Brain! Troylikesdudes samething he’s Gay too and I’m Fed up with his shit to. He calls me Queer,Gay,Faggot and I’m Not that at all! Now they know what city I live in because a friend of mine said remember me from Feb.2010 in my city because he’s heard what I’m going through. Troylkesdudes had the nerve to say that in 2008 there was a Gay Parade in my City and I was in it. NOT TRUE! I’m Fed UP with these Assholes causing shit! My user name is Kittiscool so on youtube check it out because I’m Fed up with these Assholes causing Trouble! PLease Help! Thanks,

  • Johnson Yip May 18, 2010, 11:44 pm

    I think the best thing you can do is talk to the police to see if they can help if you are an adult. The police has ways of tracking people down if they are willing to help if he is making violent threats or other harassing statements.

    If the police is not very helpful, you might need to hire a private detective or investigator to track them down since they are trained to find people even if they are hiding from you.

    A lawyer also might help at giving you suggestions on what you can or can’t do to make them stop.

    I hope you solve your cyber bullying problem.

    You have to be very careful. The two might be sexual predators who want to harm victims they meet online.

  • Cyberbullying October 2, 2010, 5:44 am

    Great post .CyberBullying I’m so glad I’ve never had to deal with this stuff!!!

  • Johnson Yip October 2, 2010, 7:42 pm

    I’m glad how I never have to deal with the most extremes forms of Cyberbullying where kids text each others cell phones or send Facebook messages with violent threats like you hear about on the news and media.

    I think most people on the internet have to occassionally deal with trolls which post random insults.

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