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Videoconferencing the Wave of the Future


With today’s technological advances, it makes sense to stay on top of the most convenient products on the market. Practically a day doesn’t pass that some new product hasn’t been improved or created. One product that is extremely convenient and a must-have in most offices today is videoconferencing.

Videoconferencing is a basically a system that allows you to talk to others over the PC in real time, to one other person or to as many others as needed. Not only can you talk to others in real time but also you can see them on your monitor. And since you don’t have to pay for the cost of the transmission, you can save real money on your phone bills, especially if you’re connecting with clients overseas. It can also save on travel costs since the other person is basically in your office.

You can also share files and applications in case you need the other person on the other line to have access to that information at the same time. No more emailing important information and waiting for a response. With videoconferencing, your communication is in real time, with no more loss of valuable time.

Using videoconferencing is ideal for meetings with staff or clients that are located far away from the office. Everyone will be able to see each other through the webcam simultaneously. Let’s say that you want to hold a sales meeting with everyone in your company. Normally, your sales reps would have to travel up to two hours away to come into the office for a one-hour meeting. With videoconferencing, your sales reps would simply need to turn on their computers at home and login to the videoconference.

Videoconferencing is great for presentations as well. Let’s say that you want to give a presentation to your new sales force but you don’t want everyone to see each other. You only want to be able to see each and every salesperson. With videoconferencing, that’s possible.

Setting up your videoconferencing is not complicated. It simply requires a web camera, microphone, speakers and a high-speed Internet connection.

Videoconferencing is a must in any 21st century office environment.

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