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Internet Explorer 8 always been stereotyped as being slow and unresponsive. But, in many cases it is lack of cache space or the add-ons like plugins, toolbars, and unwanted programs which slow Internet explorer down. You can also set your Homepage to blank so IE loads faster by going to tools then Internet options.

Set your homepage to blank, so when Internet Explorer Starts up it would not have to load a website.

Set uo blank

You can set your temporary Internet Files to 250MB, so you don’t have to constantly reload your files from the internet when revisiting websites since you got a local copy on your PC.

set Tempory internet files to 50-250MB

Disable unused browser add-ons to save system resources.

You can disable unused add-ons to save system resources

Other reasons for slow Internet Explorer speed: lack of disk space on your PC, you need to defrag. your hard drive, a virus or spyware is slowing down your PC, so you need to run a virus and spyware scan. You have too many programs like Windows Live mail, MS Office, and other programs running in the background.

You can install More RAM on your computer or upgrade your CPU for increase performance for your entire system.

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