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Make an E-mail subscription feature for your Blog via Google Feedburner Video

All you need is a Google Gmail account to sign into feed burner, and a blog link to use for Feedburner.

Type in your blog Link in the text box at the bottom of the front page after you login to FeedBurner. Click Next and follow the instructions. When done, go to publicize tab on the top of the website.

Click on the E-mail subscription link on the left sidebar then click activate. Now there should be options for using the provided HTML code to paste into your website template, or you can use the widget option if you have a Blogger or Typepad blog.

Read my full tutorial with pictures and text on my blogspot blog  :: Add an e-mail subscription link to your blog with Google’s Free Feed Burner website.

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  • John Doe March 6, 2010, 12:40 am

    This was pretty impressive video and will help me for my blog post..
    So thanks for sharing it..

  • Johnson Yip March 6, 2010, 5:17 pm

    Thanks, glad it can help your blog!

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  • Johnson Yip June 5, 2010, 7:26 pm

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  • Laptop Repair August 12, 2010, 8:44 am

    I’ve used feedburner to merge all of our RSS feeds into a single new feed for our website. I find it hard to use myself.
    Thanks for the video and keep up the good work.

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  • Johnson Yip August 12, 2010, 4:22 pm

    Cool, I give it a try to merge all RSS feeds into one feed. I just use it to merge one feed. Thanks for the tip!

  • Matt H October 19, 2010, 6:00 pm

    About time someone published a really easy way to figure this out. Thanks.

  • Johnson Yip October 19, 2010, 8:59 pm

    Glad you found my E-mail subscription feature video easy to understand. Thanks for the Comment, Matt!

  • business continuity solutions February 17, 2011, 2:17 am

    I do not know about that feature of emailing through blogs before in so much detail. Your article help me a lot in that. Thanks for sharing such useful info. Keep it up dude 🙂

  • Johnson Yip February 17, 2011, 3:10 am

    Thanks, I’m glad you like my article on E-mail subscription with Google FeedBurner which is a great service if you do not like using RSS readers like Google Reader.

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