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Gadgets Widgets to customize the look + functionality of Windows desktop video

In this video, I show you how you can use Widgets which you download from Microsoft, Yahoo, or Google to customize the look and functionality of your desktop. All you have to do is download a small program called a widget and the widget player like Google desktop, or Yahoo widgets. Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista comes default with the widget player. But, I notice Yahoo and Google seem to have a greater selection of quality widgets for doing stuff like searching the Internet, looking up the weather, playing games, listening to music, checking your stock portfolio, and doing a lot more things. Some widgets allow you to change the settings and appearance. You can move widgets on your desktop, close them, and uninstall them. If you are a programmer, you can code your own and submit it to MS, Yahoo, or Google.

Download widgets at the sites I listed below. You can find more widgets sites by using Google and searching “Desktop Widgets” But, it is best to only download widgets from trusted sites since some may contain malware like all programs.

Widgets for MAC, Windows, and Linux
http://desktop.google.com/ (Windows, Mac, Linux)
http://widgets.yahoo.com/ (Windows, Mac)

Widgets for only Windows Vista and 7

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